Today's use-case article highlights one of the leading software products and communities on Whop - Frozen Freebies.

Within this blog we will highlight how Frozen Freebies has turned into a juggernaut in the reselling space, processing over $56 million in checkout sales for its members on products with price errors online.


Skrt and Car, two entrepreneurs from Houston, Texas, started their reselling journey during their junior year of high school - selling access to video game servers and plugins on the internet. Realizing the potential of the reselling space, the two teamed up once again to try their hand at formally launching a their own company within the space. Enter Frozen Freebies – their subscription software that monitors the web for profitable deals and makes purchases automatically.


Making the transition from a hobby to full-blown business is no easy task – especially for two entrepreneurs juggling full-time work. Frozen Freebies wanted to create a subscription business that provided its customers with software to execute checkouts on profitable deals, as well as, provide access to an exclusive Discord community. The owners had tried four different platforms and unsuccessfully automated their critical business operations. In short, they needed infrastructure to handle the checkout, recurring billing, fulfillment, and member management so they could spend time building their business and helping customers.


Frozen Freebies joined Whop to accept payments and manage all of their subscriptions in a single place. Once a customer makes a purchase, they instantly get access to the Frozen Freebies software and their Discord community for all paying members.


The results are undeniable. The business has grown to over 1,000 paying members and has surfaced deals that generated $56M+ in total checkout volume since launch.

“All in all, I have tried 4 different dashboards and Whop has been the only one to help me run and automate my business to a great extent, allowing me to focus on helping my members succeed and make money. So far in 2022, we have helped over 1,000 members checkout over one million profitable items to help them cover their bills and make money online with ease. It’s been a life-changing experience and I am excited for the future of my companies and my members’ success.”

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