At Whop, a large number of our paid Discord servers center around sports betting and trading. But Whop is a marketplace for all kinds of digital products, like this Discord server dedicated to manufacturing! We’re delighted to introduce one of our latest additions to the Marketplace: Glass Factory.

Glass Factory by Will Lasry is here to help you find quality manufacturers all over the world. With a passion for luxury clothing and leather accessories, Will Lasry set out to do the unthinkable- make manufacturing transparent.

And that’s partly why the Glass Factory Discord server was built. There, Will and his team list plenty of factories they’ve visited and reviewed worldwide and engage with the community to help each member find the manufacturer they need.

So, keep reading our Glass Factory review to learn more about what to expect when you hop on the server, as well as what other enticing perks Will has in store for you!

Why Join Glass Factory?

glass factory

The clothing manufacturing industry has always been very tight-knit. Most manufacturers prefer working with established brands with which they have a long-term relationship, as they usually order tens of thousands of garments from them. That’s why many have a very high Minimum Order Quantity MOQ) in place.

In the case of smaller businesses, most manufacturers don’t want to deal with the complexity and logistics of working with several smaller brands when they could get the same sales by only partnering with a big one. So, if you have your own luxury clothing line or a leather fashion brand, you’ll ultimately have to opt for lesser-known factories. But visiting all these places worldwide is very time- and resource-intensive. And you can’t know what’s really going on inside the factory by just looking at their online page. 

That’s exactly the problem that Will Lasry tries to solve with the Glass Factory community.

With your Glass Factory membership, you’ll get access to several different manufacturers from every region that Will and his team have visited and extensively reviewed. The list is constantly updated with new factories every month, and depending on your subscription, you can get the details of more than 150 manufacturers!

Alongside the product offerings, location, and contact details, the Glass Factory team makes sure that they provide the MOQ for as many factories as possible. You’ll even get some tips on approaching each region’s manufacturers to build a successful business relationship.

On top of that, premium server members get access to a set of tried-and-tested technical packages (techpacks) and a list of upcoming trade shows. There’s no better way to network than in person, and having your techpacks ready will make communication with the manufacturer much easier.

If this already sounds like a good deal, the server’s ready to welcome you. Will and the Glass Factory team have a motto: No More Gatekeeping. And the whole community is built around those 3 words.

No More Gatekeeping: The Community

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The Discord community is all about transparency. If one of the members finds a reputable factory with a low MOQ, they’ll share it with the rest of the team. Plus, when you become a member of Glass Factory, you’ll be able to vote on what country Will should visit next.

The server itself is very well-thought-out and rather simple. There are only a few channels on it, many of which are there to help new members understand what they’ll find on the server and what Glass Factory is all about.

On top of these, everyone has access to a general chat, where you can ask other members of the GF team questions. Even Will himself, depending on how good the internet connection is wherever his travels have taken him, might answer your inquiries. But, you’ll usually interact with other team members, like Jordan.

There are exclusive channels for higher-level members as well, where the team is much more active. Any inquiries you might have will be answered within a few hours or days at most.

What You Get With Glass Factory

Once you hop on the Glass Factory Discord server, you’ll get access to plenty of features that will help you find a great factory to work with. Here’s what you get with a premium Glass Factory membership:

  • Extensive spreadsheet of factories
    Available to everyone, a regularly updated comprehensive collection of manufacturers from around the globe, including their location, products, MOQs, and contact details.
  • Active and strong community
    Engage with a vibrant community where members and the Glass Factory team, including Will Lasry, actively participate, offering insights and answering queries.
  • Access to in-house, tried-and-tested techpacks
    Premium members gain exclusive access to a selection of technical packages, proven effective through rigorous testing by the GF team themselves.
  • Yearly list of recommended trade shows
    Stay informed with an annual compilation of must-attend trade shows, ideal for networking and expanding your business connections.
  • Monthly 1-on-1s with Will
    Personalized guidance and expert advice with monthly one-on-one sessions with Will Lasry offering a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the world of manufacturing.

Picking The Right Package

Glass factory membership

To access the Glass Factory by Will Lasry Discord server, you’ll have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Yearly plans come with 2 months for free, so you only pay for the 10 months.

The basic plan (named Early Access) is $7/month and comes with a basic version of the factory list, which only includes 30 factories. This is updated monthly with an extra 2 factories.

The “Product Aficionado” plan comes at a significant price increase, sitting at $30/month. However, with this one, you’ll get a more extensive list, at a starting 50 factories, that’s updated with 5 manufacturers every month.

The All-Access plan is the best value here, coming in at $55/month. Besides premium access to the Discord server, you also get more than 15 tech packs. On top of that, the already extensive list of manufacturers increases to a whopping 150+ factories, with 10 new ones added each month. And you also get access to reputable trade shows to meet many of these manufacturers.

Now, the last plan, the Manufacturing Wizard, provides everything the All-Access plan does, along with a monthly consultation session with Will himself. If you’re serious about building your brand, Will is the man to speak to, and this is worth the extra cost.

Glass Factory - Find Your Next Premium Quality Manufacturer

The manufacturing world is definitely a mysterious and very challenging one to break into. Will and his team at Glass Factory try to make this a bit easier by providing you with all the info and letting you do what you want with it.

👉If you’re ready to establish your apparel or fashion accessory brand but can’t find the right manufacturer, Glass Factory is the place to be. Become a Glass Factory member today and join the increasing thousands of like-minded folks who say no to manufacturing gatekeeping!