To be the GOAT is to be the 'greatest of all time', so when you stumble on a sports picks community with a name like GOAT Sports Bets, it definitely sparks your interest. After all, the term GOAT is saved for only the cream of the crop and is associated with historic names like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Can a sports betting group truly live up to that reputation? Let's take a look!

Victor Madu is the founder of GOAT Sports Bets and was an avid bettor for years. By combining his entrepreneurial mind and love for sports betting, he gathered a team of experts and formed the GOAT Sports Bets community.

The GOAT Sports Bets community conducts all its business through Telegram, providing daily picks and plays on various sports. They also have many in-depth guides on betting strategies and other essential concepts to help educate the next generation of GOATs.

In this review, we find out how the GOAT Sports Bets community works, what you get with your membership, and how you can find and tail their plays.

Why Join GOAT Sports Bets?

GOAT sports

So what makes GOAT Sports Bets stand out, and why should you join them over other communities?

Firstly, as a sports betting Discord server, the most important aspect of this community is their daily sports picks and plays - and GOAT does this extremely well. GOAT employs several professional bettors who’ve been in the game for many years and know how the industry works.

With such seasoned bettors, GOAT delivers daily plays on NBA, MLB, and NHL, backed by tons of research on data and statistics, and also the use of betting algorithms. They also dabble in a few other sports, like UFC, Boxing, and Tennis, whenever a good betting opportunity arises. So, whatever sport you are interested in, GOAT Sports Bets likely covers it.

Plus, every capper specializes in one or a few sports and leagues and presents their plays with an in-depth analysis and the corresponding stats to back up their claims. Their goal is to not just tail them blindly, but understand their logic and thought process. Therefore, by joining GOAT Sports Bets, you have access to not just the plays but the process behind these picks.

One thing to note is that the team focuses their plays on single bets since they find the most positive value in them. They’ll also frequently provide safety parlays, which are basically parlays with two or three legs, each with very low odds, to create a slip with decent total odds. Occasionally, you’ll find a few hail-mary parlays with huge odds for potential massive wins. So if you like to place either single bets or safety parlays, then GOAT may just be the group for you!

Not Just a Sports Picks Channel

There are several sports betting communities on the market that just put out a few plays every day for their members to tail. That’s not the case with GOAT Sports Bets, though, as the team is eager to help every new member learn as much as possible about sports betting. 

On the Telegram channel, you’ll often find small tips from the team to help you with your sports betting. But, the most important educational content you can find at GOAT Sports Bets is Ken’s Free Training sessions.

Through several Zoom meetings, Ken will teach you “how to bet on sports”, with essential tips for newcomers and even some advanced insights for more experienced bettors. And the best part is it’s actually free to join, so you can get a taste of what learning from a GOAT is like.

GOAT Sports Bets also believes in transparency among all members of the community. That’s why all plays from every capper are properly tracked, and the units are calculated so everyone can see who’s running well at any given time. This even includes picks that are co-signed by multiple cappers.

GOAT Discord

Originally, the GOAT Sports Bets community on Telegram didn’t feature a community chat, and only the team members could post their place. This was to avoid overpopulating the chat with messages, which could lead to some people missing out on the important messages or picks.

However, the team recently decided to launch a chat channel on Telegram for community members. New members will be added in slowly to maintain a highly controlled environment and ensure a healthy and positive community.

What You Get With GOAT Sports Bets

So, what can you expect to receive once you become a GOAT? Here’s a quick overview of all the major features and content that come with your GOAT Sports Bets membership:

  • Multiple daily picks 
    Highly researched plays and many types of bets to choose from, including single bets, safe parlays, and lottos with huge win potentials.
  • Variety of cappers 
    Huge team of several expert cappers, each one specializing in a different sport, including the NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, Tennis, and Boxing.
  • In-depth results tracking
    Every expert tracks their results in detail, including the odds they bet on and how many units they wagered in an effort to ensure transparency among all members.
  • Unique educational content 
    Tons of betting tips and tricks from all experts on the team and an in-depth guide by Ken on the essentials of sports betting.
  • Active and helpful community 
    Thousands of active members that all have the same goals and aspirations as you.

Picking the Right Package

GOAT sports bet packages

GOAT Sports Bets wants to ensure every potential member is accommodated, which is why it provides a few different subscription packages. The standard membership comes at $100 a month and includes complete access to the Telegram channel and all organized events and giveaways. Or, you can pay $50 on a biweekly basis for full access to everything.

There’s also a quarterly membership for $180, which saves a lot compared to paying month-to-month, and an annual subscription for $1,000. If you believe in the GOATs, you can get the lifetime access package for $1,500.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll fit in with the GOATs, you can try out the free version of their Telegram and also gain access to Ken’s Training Sessions. 

GOAT Sports Bets - Join an Elite Team of All-Time Greats

While GOAT Sports Bets has some big shoes to fill with its namesake, it’s clear these guys know what they’re doing. The entire team is full of veteran sports bettors who put in a ton of effort to find the best value plays and give them to the community.

So, if you are looking to join a tight-knit betting community aiming to beat the Vegas sportsbooks, sign up to GOAT Sports Bets today!