Learn how a solopreneur runs a 7 figure annual business through Whop's infrastructure.


Vince worked for several companies after studying entrepreneurship as an undergrad, but his desire to run his own business never wavered. “I could never really work for somebody else,” he commented. While working for customer success at Apple, Vince started a side business reselling items online. His reselling talent was apparent (and very lucrative), and so at the age of 28, Vince left his job to pursue reselling full-time.

You may be asking yourself, what does it really mean to be reselling items in 2023? Is Vince scrolling on Ebay for low price furniture and re-listing it for a couple hundred extra bucks? Going to antique roadshows to find a vintage 1930’s toy train set on sale? Poking around in garage sales? To put it bluntly, not at all.

Being a reseller in 2023 means you have an arsenal of power software tools to give you even the slightest edge for purchasing exclusive items. Think of a swimmer wearing latex caps to reduce drag, or a trading firm using fiber optic cables to make quicker trades.

Reseller’s swim caps are monitors scraping the internet for deals that no human can find, and their fiber optic cables are auto-checkout tools that can enter card info and complete grueling “please select every image containing a horse who had a bad day” captcha questions in milliseconds. These slight changes can be the difference between buying zero pairs of limited edition Air Jordans or 100 pairs of limited Air Jordans.

Now his own boss, Vince leaned into his entrepreneurial mindset and explored other ways to generate revenue from reselling. Vince realized that he held valuable resources and insights for other resellers, so he founded GFNF, a comprehensive premium reselling community that offered members exclusive alerts, tools, and educational materials for their own reselling needs.


“I would have had a developer doing stuff constantly. Now I don’t worry about it”

Vince turned to Whop for a streamlined approach to managing memberships and integrating with Discord, the platform that hosts GFNF. Setting up multiple tiers of community access took a matter of minutes, and the no-code page editor allowed for easy changes to GFNF's landing page. Whop's infrastructure and smart phone alerts freed up Vince to focus on growth while he “[relied] solely on the integration to manage [the] community” .


High conversion rates
With Whop, GFNF experienced high conversion rates due to the automated nature of the integration. Vince noted that his alternative option would have been “probably 15% of what it is right now”. With one-click checkout, reviews, and apple pay support, GFNF now has an extremely high-converting page with no coding or maintenance required.

1.3 Million ARR
GFNF now boasts an impressive monthly recurring revenue of over $113k and an annual recurring revenue of around $1.3 million. Since “Managing someone’s membership is so easy," Vince can allocate more time toward improving his community and marketing to potential members!

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