Sneaker botting is a fairly popular practice for many sneakerheads, especially those that are looking to turn a fast profit to make ends meet or fund their own collections. It’s a great way for people to get access to limited edition sneaker releases so that they can add to their collection, and resell extra sneakers as a side hustle. However, you may be wondering: is sneaker botting really still worth it in 2024?

Wherever you are in your sneaker botting journey, this article can help you understand the practice better, prepare for what sneaker botting will look like in 2024, and decide whether it’s still worth it to you (hint: we think it is).

What is Sneaker Botting?

Sneaker botting is a process by which individuals use automated software to purchase limited edition shoes, usually from popular brands such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Yeezy. This process is often done before the shoes are available to the general public. The goal? Buy the shoes quickly - and at the lowest price possible.

The bots are programmed to monitor websites for new releases and purchase them as quickly as possible. They may also be programmed to look for specifically limited edition shoes the second they are released to get them before they sell out, sometimes within minutes. While sneaker botting may be controversial in some circles, it is a perfectly legal practice in the U.S., and one that many people use to get the best sneakers for their collections and turn a profit on high-demand shoes.

While sneaker botting has had to evolve over the years, it’s still a popular practice for people who are trying to turn their passion for sneakers into a profitable side hustle.

A Brief History of Sneaker Botting

Sneaker botting became popular in the early- to mid-2010s, when avid sneaker collectors began to use automated software to buy sneakers from popular sites such as eBay and Nike. This allowed them to purchase the sneakers faster than other shoppers. As such, sneaker botting gave buyers a better chance of snagging the rarest and most desirable sneakers.

In the beginning, sneaker botting was relatively straightforward. The number of bots was limited, and the websites on which the sneakers were sold still needed to be updated if they wanted to prevent botting. It was also only practiced by the most passionate sneakerheads, as it was exclusively accessible to those who were willing to spend hours learning to automate their software to get the right sneakers at the right time.

As technology has improved and more people have taken to the practice, sneaker botting has evolved and become a source of income for many shoppers who are able to predict which sneakers could have the highest resale value. This has caused a rise in competition, which has made it increasingly difficult to purchase the most sought-after sneakers. This increase in competition, combined with website updates that require bots to be more sophisticated, has made sneaker botting more challenging.

Sneaker botting remains popular because it works. However, nowadays, it requires a bit more strategy than it may have in years past. Don't worry - we've got you covered. In this article, we will discuss the challenges of sneaker botting in 2024, strategies to help you overcome those challenges, and the benefits of sneaker botting in the modern era.

Challenges of Sneaker Botting in 2024

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Sneaker botting has always had its challenges, but 2024 will come with a few more than sneakerheads are used to. Here are some of the new or growing challenges you’ll need to overcome to be successful at sneaker botting this year.

Increased Competition 👟

As the sneaker botting industry continues to grow, more and more people are getting involved, and it’s getting even more competitive. With new technologies and advancements in the industry, the competition will only become more fierce as the years go on, and 2024 will be no exception. Those who are able to invest in the best sneaker botting software, have the latest technology, and have the most knowledge about the industry will have the best chance for success. Despite the increased competition, sneaker botting remains a lucrative venture for those who study the best techniques, and those who are willing to invest time and money into the practice can still make a good profit – it’s just good to know what you’re up against.

Bot Detection by Retailers 🤖

All Adidas website traffic vs. Bot traffic for a Yeezy release

The best sneaker bots have been able to get past any CAPTCHA test for a long time, but now, retailers and various service providers have developed more complex ways to detect even some of the most advanced sneaker bots. Some examples of new ways retailers can detect bots include

  • A JavaScript tag that collects signals.
  • Advanced analysis of IP addresses.
  • Machine learning tools for behavioral detection of bots.

It’s not impossible to get past these types of blocks on various retailer websites and apps, but it is certainly more challenging than CAPTCHAs or the time limits of the early years of sneaker botting. This makes it difficult for those attempting sneaker botting to have as much success in recent years.

High Costs 💸

While software automation has always required tools that were advanced for their time – and therefore, usually expensive – the costs are higher now than ever before as sneakerheads work on systems and technologies to bypass new blocks by retailers. Sneaker botting, from researching which bot to purchase to programming it for the sneakers you want, is more time-consuming and expensive than it would have been at the beginning. This may cause people to spend more time preparing and learning than they would successfully buying their desired sneakers. For the research and time to be worth it, one may have to stick with sneaker botting longer than they would have to in the past. Because of this, it’s important to only get into sneaker botting if you’re ready to stick with it through any learning curves and find ways to make a profit.

Strategies to Overcome Modern Sneaker Botting Challenges

These challenges are daunting, but daring sneakerheads around the world have worked on strategies to overcome them! Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and there are tons of side hustlers out there that have developed ways to make sneaker botting work no matter what challenges are thrown at them.

Here are some strategies any sneaker botter should implement to be successful in 2024.

Research the Market 📖

If you are looking to research various sneaker markets, start by reading up on sneaker news and trends online. It’s important to see what’s creating a buzz, how different shoes retain or increase their value over time, and where people are going to sell and buy limited edition shoes. Here are some places to watch when you’re researching the market:

  • Reseller platforms, such as eBay and Grailed. These platforms are great sources of information on what shoes are selling and at what prices right now.
  • Online forums, such as subreddits dedicated to sneakers and NikeTalk. You can use these sites to connect with fellow sneakerheads and find out what trends are happening in the community and common discussions
  • Social media, such as Twitter, where sneaker-related hashtags will make it relatively easy to see what people are talking about and what they’re saying. You can look up different tags to see how they contribute to the community.

By staying informed and up to date with the sneaker market, you’ll be in a better position to make informed decisions when investing in sneakers and deciding how to best deploy your sneaker bot to make a quick profit.

Invest in Quality Bots 🤖

WrathAIO one of the best most in the industry 

As we discussed in the challenges section, retailers are using various levels of advanced technology and tests to prevent bots from scoring the latest limited-edition sneakers the second they hit the internet. In order to make sure your sneaker bot can actually get the shoes you want, it’s a good idea to invest in quality bots. While there is a higher upfront cost associated with them, there is a higher chance of success and a higher chance of making a profit.

It’s also important to know which sites you want to target before you buy your bot. Most bots won’t support every site. Some bots may even just specialize in just a few. If you know what site or sites you want to purchase from the most, it will be easier to narrow down your options. Then, you can choose a high-quality or specialty bot, that will be of higher quality and help you achieve your goals.

Be in it for the Long Haul 🕒

While sneaker botting has a reputation for fast, easy money, with the obstacles and new high-quality bots, that’s rarely the reality anymore. It takes time to perfect your strategies, make sure you’re working with the right bot and have it programmed just right, and learn the ins and outs of reselling. That’s not to say you can’t make quick money – some people succeed almost instantly – but rather to say that it isn’t the norm anymore. It’s important to be willing to wait a bit for your first major profitable sale as you learn the industry and find your groove. If you quit too quickly, not only are you losing any money you invested in your bot, but you’re also missing out on your potential profits.

Benefits of Sneaker Botting in 2024

While modern sneaker botters have to face different challenges than those of previous decades, there are still many benefits of sneaker botting in 2024! Whether you’re looking for this as a hobby, a side hustle, or even your main source of income, here are some of the advantages you need to know about sneaker botting this year. Here are three of the main benefits to sneaker botting in today’s day and age.

Profit Potential

Sneaker botting has significant profit potential, especially in 2024. With the continuing growth of technology and the increased popularity of sneaker culture, the demand for limited edition sneakers is still high – possibly even higher than it was in years past.

Sneaker botting allows those who are prepared to put in the time and effort to get ahold of the coveted sneakers that are often sold out in minutes. If you’re able to score a pair of limited edition sneakers – or, even better, a few pairs – the resale value can be significantly higher than what you paid. Sales also often happen quickly as people don’t want to miss out on the latest trend. Sneaker botting can help you stay ahead of the game and give you great potential for profit.

Fast Returns

Compared to other types of resale, such as thrifting clothing items and listing them online; sneaker botting can offer a relatively fast return on investment. Because there is relatively high demand for trending sneakers, you may not have to wait as long for the right buyer to see your listing, especially if you’re able to turn them around quickly. There’s also usually a significant margin between the original price and the resale value of limited edition sneakers, which can make a big difference in your profit per resale item. This not only means that you have a high chance of making a profit, but you also don’t have to wait long to see those profits.


Unlike many forms of limited edition shopping, sneaker botting can be done from anywhere with a strong and secure internet connection. No matter where you live, work or go to school, sneaker botting can be an accessible way for you to develop skills and make a profit.

Sneaker Bots Still Work!

While sneaker botting takes more effort and a higher upfront investment than it used to, it is still a lucrative business option for people who want a profitable side hustle. Its accessibility, relative speed of returns, and profit potential make it a great option for many people, especially those that already have an understanding of sneakerhead culture.

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