Finding a specialized hockey picks community isn’t easy, since the sport doesn’t have the prestige of other major American leagues. However, JokerPickz has been a huge fan and veteran bettor in the sport for years. He recently established Joker’s Hideout, his own sports picks Discord server, where he shares insightful plays with his loyal members.

Joker’s strongest picks come from the NHL, but he also dabbles in other popular sports, like the NFL, NBA, and MLB. He covers the entire NHL season, including the Playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals, and also provides occasional high-value plays on other sports and leagues.

Joker puts a ton of effort into all his plays and also maintains an active Discord community with thousands of members. If you’re thinking of entering the Hideout, we’ve gathered all the important information you need in our comprehensive review below.

Who is JokerPickz?


So, who exactly is the person behind Joker’s Hideout? He goes by the nickname JokerPickz and has been an active NHL sports capper for years. Joker is based in Canada, which is partially why he’s in love with hockey and studies it so thoroughly.

After betting on hockey semi-professionally for a while, he decided to go all-out and create his own sports picks Discord server. Even though Joker is a hockey specialist, he also knows how to find great value plays in other major sports as well.

What’s impressive is that he runs the entire community by himself, which is one of the reasons why his Discord server isn’t as feature-rich as other groups. But, he always strives to provide maximum value to his members, and is always available to ask questions related to sports betting or hockey.

Top-Level Plays on the NHL and Other Sports

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Joker’s bread-and-butter plays are NHL single picks on main markets, such as money lines, spreads, and over/under bets. He utilizes advanced stats and data, as well as his insights and experience in the league, to come up with the best plays possible.

He also includes a short analysis of the reasoning behind each play, as he doesn’t want his members following him blindly. And don’t forget that he actually bets all his plays himself, which shows he doesn’t just give out random picks.

Another important aspect of Joker’s Hideout is the complete transparency within the community. Joker is a huge proponent of tracking all results and showing both wins and losses, as they’re important to growing as a sports bettor. That’s why he keeps an extensive record of all his plays and presents them in daily recaps, along with commentary on his performance.

During the NHL offseason, Joker provides his expertise on other leagues, including the NFL. He may not be a full-blown expert, but since he’s a veteran bettor, he knows when a good opportunity arises. However, he always places more conservative bets on other sports, as he doesn’t want to ruin his NHL profits.

The Discord server also has some very useful tools, including an NHL Goal Tracker and an NFL Touchdown Tracker. These automated Discord bots provide live reports on when a goal or touchdown is scored and all players who participated in each case.

Understanding Joker’s Betting Approach


Joker follows a specific approach to sports betting to ensure the maximum chance of maintaining profitability. He has several different confidence levels for his single plays and allocates different unit sizes to each one.

This unique bankroll management strategy ensures he makes significant profits when he hits some high-confidence plays and only loses a small amount if his low-confidence picks miss. While not a surefire profit strategy, it allows him to maintain his long-term profitability as long as his win rate stays at a decent level.

Joker also provides three-leg parlays and occasional four-leg parlays, which mostly consist of player prop bets. However, he only places a small amount on each slip as he knows the chances of hitting are very low.

Apart from Joker’s daily picks, you can also find a bunch of community plays at Joker’s Hideout. The Discord group is very active and has a dedicated chat room, as well as a channel for members to post their slips.

What You Get With Joker’s Hideout

Here is a quick summary of the important features Joker’s Hideout provides for all its members.

  • Daily picks on several sports
    Receive daily plays on the NHL and other major leagues from a veteran capper
  • Variety of bets to choose from
    Gain access to single plays with different confidence levels, as well as other betting strategies, like parlay bets
  • Unique bankroll management technique
    Utilize Joker’s advanced bankroll allocation, with increased bet sizes for higher-confidence picks
  • Active and engaging community
    Join thousands of members who actively discuss their favorite sports and provide their own plays for others to tail

Cost to Enter the Hideout

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Arguably, one of the best aspects of Joker’s Hideout is that it’s a very affordable community to enter. A single membership will get you access to all of Joker’s plays, as well as his betting tips and strategies, and the various community chats for talking with other members.

The membership cost is $20 a month, or you can save a bit by opting for the three-month package for $50. This price point is excellent for individuals with low bankrolls and provides great value for money, considering the number of expert daily plays you get.

Joker's Hideout – Join JokerPickz on his Way to Conquer All Sports

Joker’s Hideout is an excellent option for anyone looking for high-value NHL plays from someone who’s been in the game for many years. All daily plays from JokerPickz are insightful and data-driven, and he goes to great lengths to determine the ideal amount you should wager on every play throughout the season.

Joker also puts a lot of effort into maintaining a healthy and active hub of members while ensuring everyone learns something new about sports betting every day. And the community even has one of the cheapest monthly memberships out there, especially for how many plays and insights you get.

The gates to Joker’s Hideout are open to anyone interested in top plays and plenty of fun and engaging conversations with other members. You can subscribe to the community through the Whop marketplace and join Joker on his journey to beat all the books.