When you’re looking for a trading Discord server, you’ll often just find some experts giving out their signals and charts. There’s nothing wrong with that, but many beginner traders want more. They also want to learn how to find the right move before anyone else and become experts themselves.

That’s where MoneyMotive A+ comes in and says, “We’ve got you!” The team doesn’t dabble in meme stocks or crypto. They’re focusing on the stock market, following some of the most well-known indices and a few reputable companies. Money Motive has deemed this their personal trading journey, and you’re welcome to follow along.

If you’re in for the ride, you can join MoneyMotive A+ right now. But, if you want to learn more about the rest of the team and what you should expect from the community, read through the rest of our review.

What is the 'Motive' in MoneyMotive A+?

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The team’s motive is simple: share knowledge, create expert traders, and, of course, make money. This brings us to the first member and the owner of the group, MoneyMotive888 (or MM, for simplicity’s sake). MM has been trading options for many years and is now sharing his knowledge with every member on Discord, be it through his signals or resources.

But this isn’t a one-man show. MM collaborates with Doc and Jeff to offer a more complete experience to the server’s members. Doc recently got his very own channel, where he posts the occasional signal, but he’s also very active in the chat (more on that later).

Jeff, on the other hand, is the one responsible for the charts. He has a dedicated channel where he shares his analyses of different stock charts daily, with a couple of comments on what the best approach is.

The trio has been giving solid advice ever since they joined the Whop Marketplace, which is why they’ve received the coveted Whop Verified badge. Whop vets every creator before they’re given the badge, and it can’t just be bought.

With this in mind, let’s see exactly what the server has to offer.

Signals and Alerts with MM and Doc

motive discord

Let’s start off with everything MM and Doc have in store for you. Doc will post the occasional signal, and it's usually a very detailed one. The rest of the work is in MM’s hands.

Most of MM’s time goes into his alerts, with plenty being posted each day. MM will post the specific type of trade at a particular position, and you’ll get the alert as long as you have notifications enabled.

But we have to also mention his watchlists. There, he makes predictions for individual stocks and indices he follows based on the levels they reach for the upcoming day. 

In addition to all this, MM posts any upcoming earnings calls at the start of each week to prepare traders for potential volatility. Speaking of preparing, MM always livestreams during the stock market's opening hours, where you can watch him trading live and gain tons of knowledge.

Surfing the Charts With Jeff

surfer jeff in discord

The community’s resident Surfer, Jeff, takes care of all the charting. He analyzes current stock trends and specific stock charts and determines the best approach at the moment.

The one thing that really stands out with Jeff is that most, if not all, of the charts are requested by server members. So, if you want a specific chart analyzed, you can just contact Jeff, and he’ll take care of that for you.

Community and Knowledge

money motive discord

But MoneyMotive A+ isn’t only about the signals, alerts, and all that. The server’s purpose is to teach you how to become a better trader and create a community of experts who can learn from each other. And MM has certainly succeeded in doing so.

As part of your membership, you’ll get access to MM’s guides, which revolve around some beginner trading info and fundamentals. These can be a great starting point for new traders and are further supported by the awesome community.

While you only get access to a single trading chat channel, the members on there are super friendly and helpful. They’ll help you see through the bad streaks and not get greedy when things start to go your way. This certainly means a lot to many experienced and beginner traders.

What You Get With MoneyMotive A+

So, we covered pretty much everything you get with the MoneyMotive A+ server. Now, let’s look at all the features once again:

  • Expert traders at your service
    You get access to a team of experts in trading who are ready to help you out
  • Trading alerts and charts
    Plenty of detailed alerts and chart analyses by MM, Doc, and Jeff
  • Tight-knit, friendly community
    Every member is happy to help you out and support you throughout your trading journey
  • Tons of knowledge
    Many resources, guides, and videos to become a better trader, curated by MM

MoneyMotive A+ Subscription Options

As you could expect, all of the knowledge and alerts comes at a cost. While there are certainly trading Discords and Telegrams that have a lower pricepoint, MoneyMotive A+ certainly gives you value for money.

But, at $280/month, the value is definitely there. Plus, if you’re in it for the long run, MM has some perks for you. For one, you can go for the yearly option, which comes out to $1999, a bit over 30% if you pay monthly for a year. Or, if you’re ready to shell out some more, go for the lifetime access, which will set you back $5000.

Now, lifetime and yearly access comes with perks like Doc’s exclusive signals, as well as trading guides on the MoneyMotive’s whop. While this might still seem a bit on the higher side for a Discord, keep in mind that MM has daily livestreams and market previews. So, if you're running on a high budget, the value is definitely there.

MoneyMotive A+: Lots of Signals and Even More Knowledge

Unlike many other trading Discords, MoneyMotive A+ focuses a lot on providing you with the knowledge to become an expert trader yourself. And you also get a fair share of signals and alerts to accompany your journey.

The team behind MoneyMotive, MM, Jeff, and Doc, are all experts with years of experience. Plus, the community is full of like-minded folks, both experienced and beginners, who will help you out.

Thus, if you want to hop on your first-class trading journey, MoneyMotive A+ is the place to be. Join the hundreds of members who trust MM and the team, and get ready to gain a lot of knowledge and trading signals every day.