NavigationTrading is the culmination of 20+ years of combined trading experience. If you're interested in options trading, then this is your go-to online community. Although this Discord group is a relative newcomer to the Whop marketplace, it has been in operation for many years and includes experienced traders and analysts.

The NavigationTrading team primarily focuses on options – aka contracts that allow you to buy or sell assets at a certain price. What makes them different is they rely on statistics and data rather than making “crystal ball” predictions. They also provide a hands-on approach to trading, with several courses and livestreams, as well as one-on-one consultations.

If you’ve always wanted to hop on the options hype train, NavigationTrading is your ticket. The group offers both free and premium services, and we’ll show you all the features each one provides and how much it costs to join.

A Team of Expert Traders

navigation trading

NavigationTrading began all the way back in 2016, founded by a group of traders with over two decades of experience. They wanted to make options trading more accessible to the public and create a community of members who trade effectively and share ideas with each other.

The Navigation Trading team prides itself on not being “Stock Market Gurus” who make bold claims or predictions, but instead relying on statistics and probabilities for optimal trading.

This approach has attracted tens of thousands of students who come to the Discord server to improve their trading and access one-of-a-kind courses. 

Joining the Discord Server

As soon as you hop into the NavigationTrading Discord server, you’ll find the “Information” section. This is a set of channels with all the essential information you need, including FAQs, tech support, which brokers the group prefers, and a dedicated trader chat. You’ll also find a series of 25+ courses on all the basics of options trading, which is excellent for newcomers.

navigation trading discord

If you’re a more experienced trader, you can jump straight into the channels for different spread types. NavigationTrading offers specific trade ideas, resources, and dedicated chatting channels for calendar spreads, butterfly spreads, and iron ducks. You can also find resources for selling options, as well as ideas for hedgehog trades.

All these resources include in-depth video courses you can find on the NavigationTrading Whop, which is accessible from your account on Whop. You’ll also receive specific chart indicators and watch lists, and you can enable real-time alerts for trades through the Discord server itself.

Apart from resources on options trading, NavigationTrading wants to promote a healthy trading mentality for all its members. That’s why the team has a dedicated podcast for training your psychology. In each episode, one or more members of the trading team share tough lessons they learned while trading to help members avoid them.

Navigation Trading also has a very active website with frequent blog posts. On the blog, you can even find in-depth monthly tracking results with all their trades so you know how they’re performing at all times.

Day Traders are Welcome Too

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If you’re more of a day trader, there’s a special package from NavigationTrading, as well as separate channels in their Discord server for you. The package provides a large master course on day trading, including video courses for all strategies they use, such as trend trading, 0 DTE spread trading, and Mighty 90 & Runner Strategies.

The team at NavigationTrading also puts out daily live streams where they perform live trades during the first and last trading hours. Combined with their daily live streams for options trading, each member has access to tons of material to consume. You can even view these live streams at your own pace since they’re recorded and archived on the group’s website.

You also get the standard chart indicators for different trading platforms, daily watch lists with all the stocks the team finds interesting and instant alerts for every trade. And don’t forget about the consistent support from the trading experts on anything you need.

What You Get With NavigationTrading

If you feel overwhelmed by all the information, we’ve gathered the essential features you’ll receive with your Navigation Trading membership below.

  • Options video courses
    Dozens of video courses on options trading, including tips for everyone – from beginners to experts – and several trading strategies.
  • Day trading package
    Dedicated day-trading video course and access to a special section within the Discord server with chart indicators, trading strategies, and watch lists.
  • Several daily live streams
    Partake in one of several day trading or options trading livestreams, where the team of experts performs live trades, and you can ask real-time questions.
  • Huge community of aspiring traders
    Join a group of 19K+ members, share ideas through multiple chatting channels, and learn everything you can.
  • Consistent and personalized support
    The NavigationTrading team is always available for one-on-one consultations to answer questions and solve any issues.

Choose the Right Membership for You

navidation trading membership

NavigationTrading offers many helpful features and has also bundled them into three different packages. First, there's the Day Trading Options for Income package, which costs $129 a month or $1,290 a year. It unlocks access to all chart indicators, watch lists, live streams, and trading strategies for day traders and includes constant support from the NavigationTrading experts.

Then there’s the Pro Membership, the ultimate NavigationTrading package that contains everything, including all content from the Day Trading package. You can also access all video courses discussing different strategies and spreads for options trading, participate in all daily live streams, and receive every trade alert in real-time through Discord. This package will set you back $179 a month or $1,790 a year.

NavigationTrading also offers free access to parts of their Discord server for any members to join. You’ll unlock the options basics video course, as well as other introductory courses on the primary strategies the team utilizes in their trades. The free membership acts as an excellent appetizer for what the NavigationTrading premium packages can offer.

If you want to dabble in options trading, you should definitely consider NavigationTrading as your trading community. It’s clear these guys know what they’re doing and are willing to share all their knowledge and experience with every new member.

For the NavigationTrading team, it’s not just about providing option trading ideas. They want to make sure all members understand and follow their strategies so they can become successful traders by themselves. That’s why the Navigation Trading team hosts all these daily live streams and is consistently available to answer members’ questions.

And speaking of the members, you’ll struggle to find such a huge and positive community with almost 20K members currently in the Discord server.

So hop into the NavigationTrading Discord server and start learning from the pros today! You can always start off as a free member and move on to premium packages if you enjoy your time or want to improve your trading game.