With the rise in the virality of Reddit’s 'Wallstreetbets' and stories of traders making life-changing amounts of money, becoming a full-time, profitable trader has become an incredibly appealing pathway to financial freedom for many.

16-year-old trader PB Investing, the founder of New Age Trading, a private Discord group, has consistently posted impressive profits over years and various market conditions, showing that if you know what you’re doing, you can cash in big with trading.

The strategy that New Age Trading focuses on is short-term day trading, which is a fast-paced, exciting way to trade.

Be warned though that trading has inherent risks, and statistically speaking, there are more losers than winners–but this is why getting solid advice from someone who knows what they’re doing is so important.

Let’s dive in to find out more about day trading and how New Age Trading has built a reliable resource for anyone wanting to learn to play the game profitably while minimizing risks.

PB Investing: The Mastermind Behind New Age Trading

pb investing
From PB Invest YouTube channel, a video where he documents his journey from $0 to $50,000

Don’t let his age dissuade you–if anything, you should be inspired by the high school trader who is the mastermind behind the New Age Trading private community.

He’s one of those kids who has been wired for entrepreneurship and money-making since a young age, dabbling in numerous ventures like dropshipping and ecommerce since he was 12 years old.

After having hit-and-miss success in those areas, he stumbled across trading on social media, and he dove into a rabbit hole, motivated to digest absolutely everything he could about the topic.

He spent countless hours learning all aspects of the topic, actively making trades and testing strategies until one day during the pandemic he had a breakthrough and made $7000 in a single day by day trading the US Stock Market. He learned his lesson of how quickly a situation can turn by losing his entire account the next day, and continued to fine tune his strategy and risk management so that he could remain profitable, and today consistently books profits of around $50,000 monthly.

pb trading instagram
PB’s instagram

He started to document his journey and share advice on social media, and as he gathered an audience that wanted further education to teach them how to win in day trading with his strategies, New Age Trading was formed.

Today, PB Investing is still hyper-active on social media and in day trading, putting money where his mouth is consistently and dropping real-time, actionable advice inside of the private group.

The group still focuses on making money in day trading, which remains as one of the more exciting opportunities to make money in today’s free market.

Why Day Trading?

Investing your money is typically a long-term game, and typically, your initial investment is not touched for many years so that it can grow over time. This type of long-term investing is a great way to grow and preserve wealth in the long run, but it doesn’t act as a way to make a source of income.

Day trading on the other hand allows you to make money in the short term, with trades being opened and closed in as short of a matter of hours. It works in all market conditions, benefiting from volatility which happens whether or not the market is trending upwards or downwards.

Those who love a fast-paced, exciting environment will thrive in the world of day trading, where there may be stress but there is certainly never boredom.

Since movements in price can happen so fast and traders can take advantage of leverage to increase the size of their bet without investing more, making significant amounts of money while starting from a relatively small initial investment is possible.

However, embarking on the day trading journey alone is incredibly difficult, and with a high chance of information overwhelm with advice and resources that can be of varying quality, finding a place that has high-quality advice is of utmost importance.

Get Superior Day Trading Advice with New Age Trading

new age trade daily recap
A daily trade recap from New Age Trading

Founded with the intention of becoming the number one resource for day trading advice, New Age Trading has done its best to live up to that goal with its highly reviewed group that is full of members both new and old who are gaining the knowledge and experience it takes to make money day trading.

PB Investing and his experienced team work around the clock to deliver solid value with all of its features, which include:

  • Value-packed classes by PB Investing and top trader Elly D that show you everything there is to know about day trading from scratch, getting you to the point of executing high probability trades with confidence with over 100 hours of course material
  • Live Handpicked Analyst Alerts so you can act on trades in real-time, with tips for both day trading and swing trading stocks and options
  • Detailed and actionable trade setups that you can use to help develop a profitable strategy that works for you which you can eventually execute on your own
  • A tight-knit community of like-minded traders that help each other win and learn from the best, including several dedicated channels and a “trading floor” where top trading strategies are discussed
  • Exclusive bots and software that will allow you to access exclusive high-level data in seconds, including a professional-level indicator
  • 24/7 Support so that you can be assured and informed through every step of your journey, clearing up any potential confusion

Picking Your Membership

new age trading membership

Becoming a member of New Age Trading’s exclusive inner circle of day traders is as simple as picking a membership.

You can get full access right away for $127.99 per month, or if you want to save over 20% up front, you can pay $1127 for a whole year.

For those who don’t yet have the money for a full access membership, New Age Trading even has the option to join its free trading community which will give you a taste of what’s inside the paid version, with free beginner trader content and alerts.

If that sounds good to you, you can join New Age Trading right here today!

Day Trading Risks

While day trading is an exciting way to gain a skill that has the potential to make profits, it isn’t without its inherent risks. As we stated earlier, an overwhelming majority of day traders lose money–some sources will say this figure is at 90%--and this even includes those who act on the advice of others.

Day trading means interacting with a highly volatile market that carries risk of financial loss which can be accelerated by using margin or options trading to make investments with leverage or borrowing of additional money outside of the trader’s initial capital. Margin accounts are particularly dangerous because it is possible to lose more money than the initial investment.

Emotions such as greed and anger are common in trading and can cause traders to make bad decisions, and it takes a lot of skill and experience to build up the psychological strength and level headedness it takes to succeed consistently despite inevitable losses as no trader is 100% accurate. 

New Age Trading has resources that will help you understand the inherent risks and tools and guidance that will teach you to manage risk effectively.

New Age Trading: A Top Day Trading Resource

Without steady guidance, day trading basically falls into the same category as gambling, but with a curated and repeatable strategy, you’ll be able to approach the game with a winner’s mindset.

PB Investing continues to strategically day trade and share his incredibly valuable advice and mindset that has allowed him to reach the impressive levels he is at today inside of New Age Trading.

The tools, courses, actionable advice and guidance inside of the group will act as an all-in-one resource for day trading stocks and options, so if you find that style of investing appealing and understand the inherent risks, New Age Trading is the place for you.

Day trading stocks and options is just one type of method that traders use to generate income. Other avenues include investing in crypto, NFTs, Forex and even real estate. There are a million ways to make a million dollars, and Whop is home to a growing number of resources that can help you reach your financial goals.