Within this guide, we will highlight all things Whop marketplace as it relates to a Notion template creator. From benefits to infrastructure, this guide will breakdown all you know need to know.

If you already understand the marketplace and want to start selling now, I would suggest starting with our tutorial for selling Notion templates.

What is Whop marketplace?

At its simplest form, Whop marketplace is an ecommerce site where consumers can browse, discover and buy Notion templates. Consumers, can read reviews of your templates, browse images and even check out your social links.

Once a consumer has found a product they like, they are taken to your product page, this is  where you can give a full breakdown of your product, as well as add some cool integrations like the ones mentioned above. (Reviews, social links, etc)

Example Product Page

‌‌Benefits of selling on Whop

Below are the benefits of listing your Notion templates on Whop and why we are the best choice for Notion creators.

Traffic driven to your product:

One of the biggest issues current Notion template marketplaces face is that creators are solely responsible for generating traffic to their product. Whop understands this issue and is focused on bringing more users to your product as a perk of hosting on us.

‌‌‌‌Our current operations include:

  • Partnerships with top Notion blogs to drive SEO traffic
  • Our own SEO campaign via  to rank for Notion related search terms.
  • YouTube partnerships with top and upcoming Notion creators
  • Active Google Ads campaigns
  • TikTok campaigns
  • Newsletter partnerships

Whop currently averages over 500k unique monthly visitors. We plan to scale these traffic numbers to our Notion category and help your business grow with us.


One of the main perks for selling on Whop marketplace is the business infrastructure we provide for merchants. A comprehensive feature overview can be found here.

Our user favourites include:

  • Comprehensive reviews
  • Member management
  • Affiliates
  • Promo codes
  • Automatic chargeback fighter
  • Crypto payments
  • Cutting edge UI/UX

and most importantly, Whop makes discoverability of your products easy - leading to more sales and traffic.

Leading pricing:

Whop is #1 for pricing - with merchants being charged a profit-maximising 3% take-rate on each sale.

Whop exclusivity

If you are looking to exclusively sell your Notion templates with Whop, we are offering creators like yourself the following perks.

  • 6 Months with No Fees
  • Verified Badge
  • Potential Advisor ( Have your say in our product )

If you are interested in becoming a Whop advisor. Reach out to @WhopIO on Twitter or join our Discord.