Here on Whop you can now create your very own whops - but you may be wondering what they are and how you can use them. That's exactly what we will explain in this guide.

You can think of a whop as a space for community, connection, and commerce. Whether you are hosting a gaming group, ecommerce community, coaching calls, or even a book club, you can host it on your whop. Plus, unlike other social platforms, your whop can be adapted to your needs using apps.

What's the difference between Whop and whop?

Well, 'Whop' is us, the social commerce platform for selling online.

A 'whop' is your own online hub, the space for your business and community

Let’s look at a couple of use cases.

  • First, say you have a community that shares sports picks - you can add a Chat app so your users can communicate with each other, the Sports app so you can share NBA picks, NFL picks, MLB picks (or any other sports picks), the Giveaways app so members can enter competitions, and the Courses app so that you can sell a betting-focused course.
  • Now, let's imagine a totally different scenario. You're simply a creator who wants to sell access to your SaaS, without managing a community. With your whop, you use the Web app or Software app, the Suggestions app to gather valuable feedback, and the Forum app for community Q&A.

Now, you have a place where your users can buy your digital products, ask questions, and give feedback - all in one space.

As you can see, you can customize your whop to your business model. Setting up the perfect whop for your business can be easily done by investing a little time. But first, you need to actually create one - let’s see how you can do so.

How to Create a whop

Everyone can create a whop, and it's completely free to do so.

The first thing you should do is to sign up to Whop - click here to get started. After you sign up to Whop, you’ll be directed to create your own whop.

Tip: If you want already have a whop and want to create another, you can click the Create new button (plus icon) on the left-hand side to start the process.

The Create new button highlighted on the main page of a Whop Hub

There are three steps to creating a new whop:

  1. In the first step, you’ll be prompted to give your whop a name - after you’re done, click the Next button on the bottom right.
  2. In the second step, you should select the niche your whop focuses on.
  3. That’s it - you just created your first whop - now it's time to set it up and add your apps.
Steps of creating a Hub (whop) on Whop

Your whop Layout

Now that you’ve created your first whop, it’s time to look at the different sections of the whop Hub (your whop's business dashboard): Checklist, Dashboard, Edit store, Products, and Add apps. As you might’ve noticed, all these sections are under the “Admin Area” - this means that the members of your whop can’t see these sections.

The sections of a Hub on Whop

The Checklist is essentially a page that details everything you should know to get started. It includes steps to set your whop up and helpful resources you can take a look at.

The Checklist section of a Hub on Whop

The Dashboard section, which will direct you to a different page when clicked, details all kinds of information about your whop, including its users, products, milestones, finances, settings, and more.

The Dashboard section of a Hub on Whop

One of the best ways to grow your whop and earn money in return is to list it on the marketplace. In the Edit store section, you can view how your whop would look on the marketplace and edit every aspect of it.

However, before you can apply for the marketplace and reach over 4 million active customers, you need to complete some requirements, such as setting up a company description, gallery image(s), page logo, paid products, and more. You can find a list of all requirements by clicking on the Apply to marketplace button at the top of your screen.

If you want to learn more about creating the perfect store page for your whop, check out our How to Set Up your Whop Store Page guide.
The Edit Store section of a Hub on Whop

In the Products section, you can manage your whop's products. While whops can be used without creating a product, this would mean setting the access setting of all your apps to Public so your members can see them. Products are what allow you to monetize your community and paywall certain features and products. There are two types of products:

  • Free: These products can be obtained by everyone, and you can make them either:
    • Instant Access: Users can immediately obtain the product.
    • Waitlist: Users can apply for the waitlist and you’d have to approve them.
  • Paid: These products can be obtained upon paying a fee, which you determine, and they can be either:
    • Subscription: Users will have to pay a fee in a custom recurring time (week, month, year, or custom) to access.
    • Single-payment: Users will have to pay a one-time fee to access.

Both types of products can be either:

  • visible to everyone who accesses your whop
  • hidden with a private link so only people with a certain link can access
  • hidden with a password so only people with the password can access.
If you want to learn more about creating products on your whop, check out our How to Create a Whop Product guide.
The Products section of a Hub on Whop

Lastly, the Add apps section allows you to choose from over 20 apps that you can add to your whop. Apps are different experiences within your whop, from Chat to Courses, to Files, and more.

Apps are the main part of your whop, which users can interact with. Let’s say you add the Chat app, which is a chat room, and set its access setting to Free so everyone in your whop can use it. When a user visits your whop, they will see the Chat app under the “User Area” and can click on it to open the chat room and start communicating with others.

The Add apps section of a Hub on Whop

Since apps are the heart of your whop, let's take a look at how you can add them.

Adding Apps to Your whop

Adding an app to your whop is extremely easy. As an example, we will add the Chat app to our whop. Let’s click on the Add app button right next to the Chat app in the Add apps section of our whop.

The Add app button of the Chat app highlighted on the Add apps section of a Hub on Whop

Once you click the Add app button, you’ll be directed to the Set up tab of the Chat app. All apps have a couple of tabs that only the whop's managers can see, and almost all apps have the Set up, Preview as user, and Access tabs. In the Set up tab of the Chat app, you can adjust three settings:

  • Who can post?: You select whether everyone can send messages into the Chat app or if only the admins of the whop can.
  • Who can react?: You can select whether everyone is allowed to react to messages or not.
  • Banned Words: You can use the “Add +” button to add banned words to your Chat app so people can’t send messages containing those words. You also have the option to block URLs.

In the Preview as user tab, you can view the app as a regular user and use the app. Even though you’re in the Preview as user tab, you can still send messages, edit your message, add reactions, delete messages, etc., and other users will see those.


In the Access tab, you can adjust how users can access the app. There are two access options: Free and Paid/Private.

Free, as its name suggests, allows everyone in the whop to be able to access and use the app. Paid/Private, on the other hand, requires you to have a product and select it so that only users with that product can access the app. Even if the product is free, the user has to obtain it in order to access the app.


What’s Next? - Start Earning with Whop

Now you know how to create a whop, you can create the foundation of your online business - and that’s a huge step. Applying the things you’ve learned in this guide will allow you to set up a whop that your future customers will want to be a member of - hence growing your whop and even making you generate an income.

Now, you should review each of the apps that can be added to whops, determine which ones you need, and set them up. After that, you should examine each section of your whop dashboard to adjust the settings of your whop - including the Finances - so you can start offering paid products and earning money.

If you want to learn more about Whop and whops from experienced members, make sure to join the Whop University.