Most sports betting groups boast about being #1, but very few of them actually have the results to back it up. Run With The Winners is one group that definitely has the results to support their claims. What makes Run With The Winners stand out is that it was built by expert handicappers with a winning mentality who strive to teach it to all their members.

Even though the group has been around for less than a year, it has still managed to build a tightly-knit community with thousands of members. It has also recently moved to having it's own whop, being one of the first sports picks communities to operate exclusively through whop.

If you want to join this unique group of winners, you can easily find them through Whop. Or you can read through our extensive review to learn more about how they operate, which handicappers they have on board, and what you’ll receive when you join.

Who’s Behind Run With The Winners?

Run With The Winners is a collective effort between a few expert handicappers led by RickyPicksIt. The “Sports Betting King”, as he calls himself, is very active on his social media and has tens of thousands of followers. He used his reach and teamed up with other handicappers, including “Pauly Pushes" and “Smokey Robinson” to create the ultimate sports betting community in 2023.

But he didn’t just want a place to post his picks – after all, he could have easily done it on his social media pages. Instead, his goal was to build a space where members could find highly curated picks, learn how to bet efficiently, and connect with each other. And it just so happens this space is actually part of Whop.

Entering the Run With The Winners whop

run with the winners whop

As soon as you join the Run With The Winners whop, you’ll land on the welcome page, where you can check out more information about the different whop channels. You’ll find these channels on the left side of your screen, and the layout is very familiar to what you’d find on a classic sports betting Discord server.

Below the “Welcome” channel are the “Announcements”, where you’ll find all major news, including giveaways, that are going on in the whop. There’s also an “FAQ” channel, which details how you can manage your membership and denotes the group’s bankroll management technique.

This is an essential system you need to familiarize yourself with if you want the maximum chance of maintaining profitability. It all starts with determining a safe bankroll, depending on your living circumstances. Run With The Winners recommends a unit size of around 1% of your total bankroll, but you can increase it a bit if you’re willing to take some extra risk.

Then there is the dedicated “Community Chat” channel, where all members can talk about anything they want and share betting ideas. You can also post your own slips in the “Community Plays” channel for others to tail and share your wins in the “Post Your Profits” channel.

Sports Picks for All Betting Styles

rwtw whop

One of the best things about Run With The Winners is the variety of handicappers and available plays. There are currently three active handicappers – RickyPicksIt, Pauly Pushes, and Smokey Robinson. Each one has a different betting style and most of them offer both straight plays, as well as parlays and lottos.

The team generally covers all major American leagues, as well as other sports, like soccer and UFC, depending on the action each day. All cappers provide main market picks, like moneyline bets, spreads, totals, and player prop bets.

Once you click on a capper’s channel, you’ll be able to see all their plays, as well as which sports betting apps they wagered on, the odds, and how many units they recommend. There’s also a handy feature in the whop where you can share your opinion on each pick by choosing the “Tailing” or “Not Tailing” button.

In addition to all of this, there's a special Run With The Winners package that includes the expert Play Of The Day. This is the most confident play the team comes up with every day, and it’s usually a moneyline bet that stands out for its high value. Most of them come with a 2-unit recommendation and are ideal for high rollers or those who just want to place one bet per day.

Apart from their pre-game picks, some of the handicappers also put out live bets as the games are going on. That’s where the instant whop notifications help, as you won’t miss out on any bets. There’s also a channel with helpful resources for new bettors, including a sports betting glossary with the most commonly used terms.

What You Get By Joining Run With The Winners

Here are all the features you can expect to get if you subscribe to Run With The Winners.

  • Several daily plays
    Gain access to a bunch of different picks every day, including straight bets, parlays, and lottos.
  • High confidence PODs
    High rollers can unlock the Play Of The Day, which is the team’s highest-confidence pick every day.
  • Team of expert handicappers
    Learn from professional cappers who have been doing this for many years and have excellent track records.
  • Dedicated members corner
    Chat with other members and the handicappers directly, post your own community slips, and share your wins.

The Different Pricing Plans

rwtw plans

So how much do you need to spend to join Run With The Winners? It depends on which package and pricing plan you want and how many picks you’re interested in. 

There’s the Daily Plays package, which gives you access to all the group’s daily picks, including single bets, parlay bets, and lottos. You can choose to pay $30 every week, $100 every month, or $750 for one year of access.

If you want the complete package that includes the Play Of The Day and all other Daily Plays, you’ll need to fork out $200 a week, $600 a month, or $2,500 a year. At this point, though, it might be worth considering the Lifetime Access package, which only requires a single payment of $4,000.

If you’re unsure whether Run With The Winners is a good fit, you can join part of their whop for free. You’ll also receive a free guide, but unfortunately, no free plays.

Run With The Winners – Join a Revolutionary Community and Start Winning Today

Run With The Winners does exactly what it promises. It’s a sports picks community full of knowledgeable experts with a winning mentality who know what it takes to become a profitable bettor. It’s a slow game that requires discipline, but if you follow their betting strategies and bankroll management system, you’ll have a great shot at maintaining your profits.

The group is also one of the first to transition their community into their very own whop and take advantage of all the excellent features and built-in apps it provides. Once you join, you’ll find a familiar interface that’s easy to navigate and find all plays.

And you won’t be alone in this; the group already has thousands of active members despite its young age and the community is steadily growing. So, join the Run With The Winners hub today and follow the experts on their journey to big profits.