Stock Hours has been making money like clockwork for over six years now, but there’s so much more to the story than that. It’s a trading information and education group first and foremost - giving members a full grounding in methods that have proven successful time and time again, and then providing everything they need to put the theory into practice.

Joining the Stock Hours Discord community and trading group gives you access to a whole host of benefits designed to allow you to treat membership as an investment, and you’ll see value from it every single day of the week. We’ll get into all of that in due course, but first things first, we should start at the beginning—and with Stock Hours, the origin story lies with its founder, NourTrades.

Who is NourTrades?

NourTrades, also known as Nour Atta, is a stock trading influencer who began as something of a prodigy but now has the decade-long experience and wealth to back up his skills. A quick glance at his Instagram page serves as significant motivation, as well as the evidence that his trading systems work—and if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?

 nourtrades instagram

NourTrades has well over 300k followers on Instagram and 100k on YouTube, and the latter is a great resource for any prospective Stock Hours members—you can get on the social media platform and check out both his style and his substance before committing to the community.

As far as trading goes, NourTrades has a lot of capital to play with and leverages it well. He often scalps with five-figure sums, and can easily back up his promise of making thousands in just an hour or two of trading.

Transparent Trading

When Nour trades, one of the key differences between him and many other so-called trading gurus and experts comes immediately to light—NourTrades is transparent. Far more so than most, in that he streams everything directly, down to orders going in, being filled, and his P/L being updated right there. He’s not afraid to show the world his brokerage statements either, which very few if any others do.

This level of transparency can really set the mind at ease for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that Nour is putting a lot of money where his mouth is, and doing so live. As a member of Stock Hours, you’re probably not going to be risking anywhere near the same amount of capital, but when you do line up those trades, you’ve got plenty of confidence going in.

Stock Hours members can perfect Nourtrades’ strategies thanks to lessons carried out 3-5 times a week, and there’s a thriving community to become a part of and exchange ideas with outside of those lesson times. NourTrades also has staff on hand to offer clarifications and answer any of your stock-related questions around the clock.

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On top of all of the educational content, Stock Hours will have you primed and ready to go every trading day with premarket alpha and curated option flow. Entries and exits are signaled live as they happen on voice, allowing you to see how the strategies play out in real time.

What You Get with Stock Hours

Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll get when you sign up with the Stock Hours trading community:

  • Trading Education
    Stock Hours gives you access to a minimum of three lessons after the market closes every week, helping you learn and develop as a trader.
  • Community Learning
    The Stock Hours community has thousands of avid traders, so you’ll never be alone in your journey.
  • Trade Alerts
    The Stock Hours team calls out exactly when they enter and exit trades, letting you follow along and understand how they time trades.
  • Premarket Ideas
    The team also serves up information prior to trading every day, setting you up for market action.
  • Option Flow
    You’ll get access to curated option flow as well as AI-enhanced option flow information.
  • Trading Algo
    You can sign up for Stock Hours plans that include the exact algorithm used by NourTrades himself.

Signing Up With Stock Hours

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Signing up with Stock Hours is easy, and before you even spend any dough, you can check the community out for free every Wednesday. This free trial is a whole lot more comprehensive than you’ll see with most other communities because it gives unfettered access, including signaled trades and the Wednesday night lesson.

Once you’ve checked out Nour’s YouTube content and had a good look at the community via the Wednesday trial, you can go in deeper with one of the three membership plans. The algorithm membership option is cheapest at $49 per month but there’s no education or community there, just the Stock Hours algo ported to TradingView.

For all of the good stuff including daily education, alerts, and just about everything else we’ve mentioned in this review, the Signals Chat membership is what you want. Since you should know whether Stock Hours is for you from the trial, jumping straight in for the quarterly membership at $499 essentially gives you two weeks for free when compared to paying monthly.

If you want it all, though, just go straight to the VIP Bundle! It combines the Signals Chat membership with the Stock Hours Algo, and it can be yours for just $224.99 per month.

Trade with Stock Hours on Whop!

Stock Hours is a top trading community founded by one of the most successful trader-influencers in the business. It’s been around for over six years and is only going from strength to strength, so if you’re looking for a new trading community where you can learn your craft and hope to improve, Stock Hours is the real deal.

So, check out Stock Hours today and take advantage of their free trial Wednesdays offer to get a full-flavored taste of the community. Then dive in and take advantage of all of what NourTrades and his team have to give you by signing up with Stock Hours on Whop!