Finding the right moment to bet on a specific market can really make or break your trading day. While that is true for more traditional options, like the stock market, crypto is available 24/7. And so if you want to get the help of an expert trader, you’ll need signals 24/7. 

The Sniper Club will offer you that and so much more. With Sheldon The Sniper at the top, a bunch of other experts pushing out their signals daily, and tons of knowledge shared around its Discord and Telegram, the community might just be the right one for you.

Thus, if you believe that such a group will help you become a better trader, join the club now. But, if you’ve still got some doubts about The Sniper Club, keep on reading our review to learn all you need to know.

Sheldon: The Sharpshooter Behind the Club

The Sniper Club banner

So, first off, let’s start by going over who’s running the club. That’ll be none other than Sheldon. The Sniper is well-known in the crypto community as one of the faces of Crypto Banter, one of the largest crypto channels on YouTube. Sheldon alone has over 450 podcasts and videos on the channel, where he mainly talks about altcoins and the market as a whole.

Of course, this is a club, so there’s more than one Snipers. Names like Dylan (another Crypto Banter personality), David (the resident Degen), Bruce, and Chaoss provide daily charts and analyses. But the real MVP of the club is Danielle, better known as Mama Sniper. Talk about a mother-son bond!

With such an extensive team and an established presence by the owner, it’s no surprise that The Sniper Club is Whop Verified. This badge shows that the Club is one of the best communities on the Whop Marketplace, which is also backed up by its consistent ranking in the “Top Charts”.

Every team member posts their charts daily on their respective channels on Discord. At the same time, Dylan and Sheldon take the helm when it comes to signals, whether they are leverage, margin, spot, or investment ones. But, more on that later.

For now, let’s go over one of the main parts of your club membership: the Telegram channel.

All the Charts on Telegram

sniper club telegram

The Sniper Club Telegram channel is where the team hosts their collective charts, signals, and other important information for the members. At the same time, when one of the experts is about to go live on Zoom, they’ll send over the link and password right on the channel.

Now, unlike a Discord server, where you can usually chat freely, the Club’s Telegram channel doesn’t allow members to post. You will, however, be able to comment right under posts and react to them.

Considering that you get access to the Discord and Telegram of the Club when you buy a membership, which one’s the best for you? Well, to be fair, the experts post everything on both platforms. Discord’s just a bit more organized and allows you to get notifications for a specific expert if you wish.

That said, if you just want access to everything every expert posts, stick to Telegram. If, on the other hand, you want a more organized approach and wish to chat with the other members, Discord’s over this way.

All the Knowledge on Discord

sniper club discord

There’s so much stuff happening on the Discord, that we really don’t know where to start. Okay, so, as we mentioned above, each expert has their own channel to share their charts. Dylan and Sheldon also post their signals on designated channels, depending on the type.

One of the features that really stands out is that you can directly speak with each expert on their respective “Ask The Team” channel. And, of course, if you want to go full degen mode, sp00n1cus posts memecoin signals plenty of times a day.

On top of all this, you’ll also get access to plenty of chat channels, from more general ones to specific ones about trading psychology and portfolios. Also, if you missed out on one of the livestreams, there’s a dedicated channel for Zoom recordings, so that you can review them at a later date.

The last thing that you’ll find on the server is…well, knowledge. The experts post about daily ongoings that might affect the markets, as well as some crypto trading fundamentals to help you not eat through your budget.

What You Get with The Sniper Club

Alright, that’s a lot of info to get down. So, here’s everything you get access to with The Sniper Club:

  • Team of experts led by Sheldon The Sniper
    Talk with some of the best crypto traders led by one of the most well-known personalities in crypto trading.
  • Daily charts and signals
    Get numerous expert chart analyses, and trading signals 24/7.
  • Crypto trading fundamentals and daily news
    Access macroeconomic news that might affect the market and all the knowledge acquired by the experts in their years of trading.
  • Friendly community
    Chat with other like-minded members about trading or anything else you like.

Pay at the Door

sniper club payments

To access the Club, there’s only one membership, which is great. To keep things flexible, Sheldon does offer a more long-term plan and a few different ways to pay.

The monthly cost of joining The Sniper Club is $99. If you opt for the yearly plan, the total price goes up to $899, a 25% discount if you were to pay month-to-month. Of course, since this is a crypto trading server, you can purchase a 3-month access for $299 using crypto.

With that lineup of experts, you’d expect The Sniper Club to cost a fortune. While it may not be the most affordable community out there, the sheer value that you’ll get daily makes it worth it.

The Sniper Club – Become a Member and Snipe Those Trades

If you really want to learn how crypto trading works and find the best signals, you’ll likely have to check out several different Discord servers or Telegram channels. However, with Sheldon The Sniper at the top, The Sniper Club is as reputable as they come. 

Plus, the rest of the experts, like Dylan and Mama Sniper herself, are all actively providing their insights. On top of that, the Club gives you access to a vibrant community full of like-minded members who are willing to help you out with trading-related stuff. 

And instead of having to go over the daily news to see how it could affect your crypto positions, the experts do that for you and present it right on Discord. Then again, if you simply want signals and detailed charts, the Telegram channel will be more than enough.

So, become a member of The Sniper Club today. Join thousands of members who have trusted the experts and learn as much as you can about crypto trading.