Trading can be confusing, and that is why there are so many online trading communities focused on sharing their knowledge and advice for navigating the markets. One such community is ThetaSeller.

ThetaSeller is an online trading community focused on demystifying options trading via primarily zero-day-to-expiration trades. Founded by options trader Scott Stewart, the community is hooked up to the markets three times a week, and members can follow and trade along with Scott and his team on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Stewart is a full-time trader with three decades of trading experience behind him, with a career that began on Wall Street as an investment banker and includes time spent as an options expert at a brokerage. All of this experience is now on first-hand display for ThetaSeller members because joining the group’s live trading sessions means first-hand access to Stewart as well.

Why Join ThetaSeller?

By joining ThetaSeller, you get full access to a tight-knit community of traders all day, three times a week. This forum is the perfect way to learn and share thoughts (and camaraderie!) while also watching a master at work and engaging with him at will.

This value-added live training program is based on the S&P 500, so there’s no venturing into risky trades or penny stocks. The primary trading style in focus is called a zero-day-to-expiration trade, often abbreviated as 0DTE, which is an options contract that expires on the same day.

0DTE options are considered a premium collecting strategy, and even though the contract’s expiry is imminent, it has several advantages. For one thing, the trades are very short-term so there’s no capital being tied up for a long time. You’re also not going to be at the mercy of overnight or after-market moves since you’re in and out on the same day.  

Given that options are a risky derivative and moves can be especially sharp close to expiration, 0DTE contracts are often compared to a lottery—but that’s a myth that ThetaSeller seeks to bust, by trading them live right in front of your eyes and talking you through the strategies at play.

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ThetaSeller has been around for a while now, and Scott Stewart’s credentials are hard to beat. His experience and expertise count for a lot, and you can easily check out his work before signing up by visiting his YouTube channel or going through the publications that he’s been a leading part of.

Become a Better Trader

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This tight focus on 0DTE trading offers a different approach to the vast majority of trading courses and programs out there. In fact, ThetaSeller has to be considered one of the leaders of the niche. That said, it’s not just about learning how 0DTE works!

With ThetaSeller, you’ll be exposed to all of the key areas that every trader needs to master, such as how to hedge, develop risk management strategies, analyze market sentiment, and manage positions. There’s also an emphasis on trading psychology, with each live trading day being a new opportunity to benefit from Stewart’s experience.

A major advantage of the full-day trading offered by ThetaSeller is the fact that you can match it to your schedule. Even an hour free here or there will allow you to jump onto the Zoom session and pick certain trades to follow.

Being able to follow a great trader so closely is a fantastic benefit, and while there are other options out there, ThetaSeller doesn’t neglect the little things—you’ll hear Stewart’s rationale and explanation, but also see him input trades. For beginner traders, these how-to’s, though simple for more advanced traders, can be extremely valuable. 

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Ultimately, ThetaSeller’s aim is to make you a better trader irrespective of your current skill. By following Stewart’s moves and even trading along if you so choose, you’ll learn all about not just 0DTE but trading itself, putting your finger on the pulse of the market and then reacting not just fast, but with the right moves or adjustments.

That said, if you’d like to benefit from Scott Stewart’s experience but aren’t sure 0DTE is for you, check out his Live Scalping community right here on Whop. You’ll find Stewart there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Another option is Stewart’s ATM Program which focuses on asymmetric trading and risk management.

What You Get With ThetaSeller

Let’s take a detailed look at what you’ll get by signing up with ThetaSeller and joining their Discord community via Whop:

  • Full Discord Access
    Signing up gives you unlimited access to the ThetaSeller community, including all of their resources and a brilliant community to be a part of.
  • All-day Live Trading
    Follow Scott Stewart and trade along with the community three days a week, watching and listening as Stewart explains the hows, whens, and whys of all his market moves.
  • Trade Alerts
    Receive trade alerts to complement your chosen style or follows, including entries, exits, signals, and more.
  • Trading Education
    Learn about all things trading in this community, not just about 0DTE contracts but developing your trading skills, risk management, trading psychology, and everything else you need to become a full-time trader.

Picking the Right Package

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ThetaSeller keeps it extremely simple when it comes to subscription options, so there are no pricing tiers or feature sets you need to worry about when it comes to selecting. Your decision is simple—pay monthly or annually?

At $250 per month, you might actually find yourself being able to pay off the membership just by what you make by trading as you follow along! Plenty of existing ThetaSeller members report this to be the case, but there are just as many who sit back and watch or paper trade for a while before putting some skin in the game.

The $2500 annual subscription option translates to two free months, so that’s an extremely attractive incentive despite the lump sum outlay. Given that these are the two only options, though, the option you pick depends fully on you and your budget. There is nothing wrong with checking ThetaSeller out with a paid month or two, and then grabbing that discounted annual rate if you think it’s the group for you.

Sign up for ThetaSeller today!

ThetaSeller is the trading group for you if you’re looking to master a trading style while also picking up an all-round trading education along the way. 0DTE provides a high-potential instrument for you to explore, and joining up gives you the chance to watch and learn from a 36-year veteran of the markets Scott Stewart.

👉 So, if you want to learn from one of the best in the business and develop your own skill at reading market sentiment and acting on it, ThetaSeller is the group for you. Check out ThetaSeller at Whop today and sign up to embark upon your own trading journey!