Titan Picks is your one-stop shop for all picks and props in the NBA and other major leagues. The group is run by veteran capper King Titan and his team of sports analysts, all of whom are expert bettors with years of experience in the market.

The group rightfully has a spot as one of the best NBA picks Discord servers thanks to holding an impressive win record ever since its inception in 2023. This comes down to the diligent work of King Titan and the sports analysts, who spend hours every day researching the best value bets and providing them to all premium members.

The Titan Picks community is also very friendly towards newcomers and very active on the chat channels. If you want to see what the fuss is all about, you can join Titan Picks through the Whop marketplace today. Or check out our thorough review below and learn what it’s like to be a part of one of the top sports picks communities.

The Founding Titan

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The story of Titan Picks begins with King Titan, a big sports fan and expert capper. He wanted to build the ultimate prop bet community for daily fantasy platforms like PrizePicks and began his journey in mid-2023.

The Titan Picks Discord server was very barebones at the beginning, with only King Titan sharing daily plays, including props, straights, and nukes. He soon began expanding the team to include several sports analysts, like Ghost (aka Ghostprops), Sleepy, and PropMaster.

With the help of his team of analysts, he’s managed to maintain an impressive win rate on his plays, as well as several very profitable months. Even if his success isn’t guaranteed, he knows how to bet effectively to ensure the best chance at maintaining profitability in the long term.

Daily Straight Bets and Nukes

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The main attraction of Titan Picks is the plays from King Titan himself. He considers himself an NBA specialist but likes to cover other major American leagues, depending on the action. He puts a lot of research behind every play to ensure it’s as high value as possible. This basically means each one of his plays has better implied odds to hit than its sportsbook odds.

He provides between five and eight slips every day and utilizes different betting strategies. His main specialty is player props for PrizePicks, and he often creates short parlays with these props to get better odds. He also plays a few single bets on money lines, spreads, and totals (aka over/under bets).

Some of King Titan’s best plays are his so-called “Nukes”. These are his best-value picks for each day and often warrant a higher sizing compared to standard plays. His high confidence in them doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll always hit, but when they do, it usually leads to great profits.

King Titan also boasts an impressive hit rate ever since he launched the server almost a year ago. He’s been thoroughly tracking every bet and has maintained decent profitability for most months. His great results partially explain why hundreds of members trust his plays and why the Titan Picks community has dozens of five-star reviews on Whop.

The Rest of the Crew

titan picks team

If you want even more high-level picks on a bunch of different sports, you can check out the dedicated sports analysts channel on Titan Picks. The team currently consists of PropMaster, Ghostprops, and Sleepy, but King Titan is always keen to grow the group.

Each of these analysts has their own strategy and bet choices, which gives you even more variety in your daily plays. Most of the guys follow the same or a similar bankroll management technique as King Titan, so you shouldn’t have any trouble mixing plays from both sources.

It’s also important to mention just how active and vibrant the Titan Picks community feels like. There’s a dedicated section for Premium members within the Discord server, including a VIP chat room and a memes channel.

There’s also the “Community Cook” channels, where all members are free to post their plays for anyone to tail. The server frequently organizes watch parties for major events, where the entire community gathers to watch, chat, and have fun together. On top of all these, King Titan offers weekly giveaways to reward members for their loyalty.

What You Get With Titan Picks

Here’s a quick look at everything Titan Picks offers to new members.

  • Several daily picks from King Titan
    Get 5-8 daily slips, including Player Props, Straight Bets, and Nukes from veteran capper King Titan
  • Various sports analysts
    Additional plays on all major leagues, including the MLB, NFL, NHL, and, of course, the NBA, from the group’s expert sports analysts
  • Dedicated VIP member section
    Large community with dedicated Discord channels for chatting, providing plays, and posting memes

The Right Membership Plan

titan picks memberships

Titan Picks only requires a single membership to unlock all content from King Titan and all sports analysts. This membership costs $70 a month or $250 for lifetime access. It’s obvious that the lifetime membership is extremely good value since it costs less than what you’d pay for four months and allows you to access the server forever.

In general, Titan Picks is considered great value for money. At just $70 every month, you get a bunch of expert plays from various cappers with an extremely good win percentage. So, if your bankroll can handle the membership cost, you can definitely find a lot of value with Titan Picks.

Titan Picks – Join King Titan and His Group of Analysts Today!

By now, you should know whether Titan Picks is a good fit for you. If you appreciate the hard work and excellent results King Titan and his analysts provide and can justify the membership cost, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join the community.

After all, there aren’t many Discord groups out there with such high win rate percentages both in NBA plays as well as other sports. And don’t forget about the community itself. You’ll struggle to find such an active group of members that even provide some great community plays for you to tail.

So, take a leap of faith with the Titans today and unlock a world of expert plays at Titan Picks. Join a group of expert cappers and hundreds of ambitious members who all have the same goal to become top sports bettors!