TradeProElite is a trading and investment community that’s all about empowering members with resources, insights, and coaching. The community also offers real-time guidance, helping members to fulfill their potential and achieve their financial goals.

The community was founded by EnhancedMarket, a professional trader and real estate investor who brings over a decade's worth of experience to his members. He’s all about keeping trading simple, educating with ease, and helping people improve their skills rapidly by going through his processes in an uncomplicated way.

TradeProElite revolves around day trading as a staple, and members have gone on to become full-time day traders on the back of what they’ve learned from the group, as well as EM himself. Every bit of information you get from the group is actionable, and EM takes a studied interest in everyone’s progress, offering constructive feedback and support going forward.

So, should you become part of TradeProElite, and is EnhancedMarket the right trading mentor for you on your quest to build wealth and retire early? Here’s the scoop!

Why Join TradeProElite?

TradeProElite is a top trading community, but the group’s bread and butter is trading education—with a twist. Most trading courses go into lots of detail on aspects of trading such as technical analysis, things like support and resistance levels, various indicators, as well as derivatives like options and everything that goes with them.

You get all of this with TradeProElite, but it’s just one facet out of several key training areas. On top of the solid technical grounding that’s required as a trader, you’ll also be drilled in risk management. This is crucial, since inexperienced traders with solid foundational knowledge still tend to get wiped out more often than not, and that’s often due to an inability to manage risk, failing to set the right stop losses or deploy the right position sizing strategy.

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On top of that, EM will also help you develop the right trading mentality, developing a guard against common traps like revenge trading and falling prey to FOMO. With TradeProElite, it’s all about staying self-aware and first developing, then sticking to, your trading plan, and charting your way towards achieving realistic trading goals.

Getting Discord access to the TradeProElite community puts you in a front-row seat for all of this knowledge, but you’ll also get access to plenty of extras. For example, there are weekly member meetings with heaps of educational content, daily pre- and post-market streams, and real-time alerts to top it all off.

Follow a True Professional

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The main benefit to joining a group like TradeProElite is the opportunity to follow and learn from a professional trader, with practically 24/7 access and the ability to communicate at any time with questions that you need answered.

You can follow EnhancedMarket via Zoom every day when you purchase a VIP membership to TradeProElite, meaning an unprecedented level of access during live trading, as well as the opportunity to hear him explain his processes and strategies while he executes them.

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As the reviews show, this feature is a prized one among existing members who gain plenty of value from EM’s beginner-friendly approach toward teaching and instruction. Watching these live sessions can be of immense help to novice traders, and even experienced traders stand to gain from them.

One of the other unique benefits TradeProElite brings to the table is Section 8 real estate. If you aren’t already familiar, Section 8 is a federal subsidized housing program, meaning that investors receive rental income from the US government along with a steady supply of tenants.

This avenue of real estate investing has its own quirks, and TradeProElite stands out as one of the groups specializing in this area. EM has dealt with hundreds of Section 8 properties, and is happy to share this experience with his members too—this is definitely not something you’ll get in every trading and investing group!

What You Get With TradeProElite

Let’s take a detailed look at what you’ll get by signing up with TradeProElite and getting access to their online trading group:

  • Trading Education. TradeProElite provides members with complete trading education, providing not just the fundamentals of technical and day trading but also grounding them in psychology and the development of a trading mentality.
  • Professional Mentorship. You can get 1 on 1 access and mentorship with an extremely experienced trader in EM as well as his team.
  • Section 8. TradeProElite gives you a masterclass in Section 8 real estate investing, which can complement your trading and allow you to dramatically shorten your retirement timeline.
  • Live Trading. You can follow EnhancedMarket trade every day, ask questions, and learn as he talks his way through the trading day.
  • Daily Trade Alerts and Watchlist. Keep a close eye on what the TPE team is looking at with daily alerts.
  • Trading Challenge. TradeProElite runs a $1k to $100k challenge where you can grow your account like a pro!
  • Market Updates. The markets are always changing with current events, and EM will keep you up to date on his outlook for the markets so you can stay informed.

Picking the Right Package

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Choosing the right plan for TradeProElite is very simple. There’s one main plan if you’re after the trading membership and want to follow EM and his team navigate the markets. This VIP plan is $150 a month, but the idea is that you’ll soon skill up enough to make the money back in just a trading session or two.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of Section 8 real estate investing and would like to build out your portfolio that way, there’s the TradeProElite Section 8 Deal Finder Software. It’s a one-time fee of $2250, and features the latest tool in the business: seller financing. This will allow you to access properties with minimal down payment, and you won’t have to worry about credit scores and financial paperwork.

Then, of course, there’s the combo option, with the additional incentive of lifetime access to the TradeProElite VIP offering. Priced at $4999, this package includes the Section 8 Deal Finder software, lifetime group memberships, and personalized, intensive 1 on 1 coaching.

We’d recommend starting with the $150 VIP access and seeing where that takes you. Once the $$$$ starts flowing in, you can consider widening your portfolio with Section 8 and pick up lifetime VIP access in one fell swoop!

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TradeProElite is a great trading community where you can follow EnhancedMarket and his team as they trade the markets every day, and learn from them as they talk through their strategies and answer any and all questions posed by you and other members. It’s also uniquely positioned to be a hub of Section 8 real estate investing knowledge, and by signing up for their Deal Finder software, you can invest your trading gains to compound your wealth!

👉So, if you want to move your retirement forward anywhere from a few years to several decades by learning the ins and outs of day trading as well as Section 8 real estate investing, check out TradeProElite! Sign up to TradeProElite on Whop today, and start building wealth!