We launched Whop in 2021. The first version let savvy entrepreneurs sell desktop software with ease.

Whop handled payments and delivery for purchases that previously took place in forums.

As Whop grew, sellers wanted to sell more than just desktop software. So, in early 2022, we released a second, completely redesigned version of Whop.

With the new version, we integrated existing software platforms like Discord and Telegram, giving sellers out-of-the-box channels to sell content to consumers.

This allowed sellers to distribute more value without knowing how to code. Since then, we have had countless new use cases emerge and have earned our sellers over $150M in revenue.

Today, we are taking it a step further, releasing yet a new iteration of our platform: Whop 3.0.

If our sellers were able to make over $150M with only a few ready-to-go app templates, imagine what they could do with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of templates, all created with niche markets in mind.

We’ve built the ecosystem to make this a reality.

New and Improved App Store for Entrepreneurs

We want entrepreneurs to be able to sell anything on our marketplace.

So, we’ve expanded our app store to include not only apps that we develop in-house, but also apps from third-party developers.

This update makes it possible for developers to create apps on Whop, allowing creators to monetize even more.

The experiences creators can give their customers will be out of this world, far more comprehensive than any other platform on the internet.

For launch, we have several basic apps we are proud to continue supporting — including apps that deliver value via Courses, Discord, Telegram and a few other mediums.

Throughout the next few months, we expect some really creative and useful apps to be made, both by the Whop team and 3rd party developers.

In the meantime, we will be improving how apps are used by buyers and sellers, as well as investing resources into creating building blocks so that developers can build better apps faster.

Where Can Developers Begin?

On Whop.com/apps, developers will find a Software Development Kit (SDK) with a library of ready-made components and functions to boost interoperability between apps.

With only one line of authentication code, developers can quickly tap into users profiles, company information, payment methods, and all the data they need to fuel their app's experience.