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Dive into the fascinating realm of technical analysis with our comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Technical Analysis!

This guide will help you cultivate proficiency in understanding and interpreting Japanese Candlesticks and Chart Patterns, two fundamental tools in the world of technical analysis.

Alongside these, you'll uncover the core principles of Dow Theory. This will provide you with a more profound comprehension of Market Structure, enabling you to understand the underlying mechanics that drive market trends and movements.

Furthermore, gain valuable insights into identifying Supply & Demand and Support & Resistance levels. These concepts are crucial in understanding the forces that govern price movements in the market, providing you with the knowledge to make informed trading decisions.

On top of that, you'll grasp the importance of Time Frames. Understanding how different time frames work will facilitate a top-down approach in formulating your trading Thesis, allowing you to analyze the market from a broader perspective before narrowing down to specific details.

Lastly, this guide will equip you with the ability to interpret the market effectively. By understanding the various elements that influence the market, you'll enhance your trading experience, making it more strategic and informed!

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Beginner's Guide to Technical Analysis

Real-Time Alerts & Analysis
Receive instant trade alerts and market analysis to stay ahead of the game.
LIVE Trading
Access to LIVE Trading from Market open to close. Including Pre & Post Market Analysis
In-Depth Video Lessons
Master the stock market with exclusive video tutorials and educational content.
Advanced Charting Tools
Access in-depth charting tools for accurate market analysis and better trading decisions.
Customer Q&A
Q: Does the Alert only option also include alerts on when to buy and where to set targets and stop losses?
A: Yes it does!
Asked on Sep 14, 2023
Q: U have lifetime available?
A: No just monthly and yearly subscriptions!
Asked on Jun 15, 2023
Q: I subscribed how can I get to change
A: Make sure you've joined the AdexTrades discord with the username you used to sign up with! You can check www.whop.com/hub for more information!
Asked on Jun 21, 2023
Q: Is the $40 plan monthly? Also do we get live alerts on when to buy and sell and live trading with the $40plan??
A: We no longer have the $40 plan. PREMIUM, DIAMOND, DIAMOND+ includes the LIVE TRADING alerts + Discord alerts
Asked on Apr 26, 2024
Customer reviews
4.98 out of 5
(50 reviews)
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3 months ago
As comprehensive as it gets!! This isn't just a few nuggets of information, this guide is the whole GOLDMINE! Thank you ADEX!
User avatar
3 months ago
This Beginner’s Guide to Technical Analysis is a GEM!! It’s clear, concise & inclusive of all things required for the beginner trader’s education. The concepts are rendered with examples & definitions that are easy to grasp. And it isn’t just for the beginner trader. The experienced trader will be able to extract & utilize concepts that they might not be familiar with to incorporate into their trading plan. Get yourself a copy!! It’s worth it if you want to level up.
User avatar
Stratquille O’Neal#0941
3 months ago
I love it here. Amazing group of people coming together to help each other out and the education is limitless. No fighting, just charts and sharing ideas
What is AdexTrades University?
AdexTrades University is our NEW curriculum for all things trading incl. classes
What is the difference between DIAMOND and PREMIUM?
DIAMOND includes access to AdexTrades University, Weekly Newsletter, Private Twitter, Futures Trading Chatrooms + PREMIUM features. PREMIUM includes access to LIVE Trading, Alert Channels, & Trading Chatrooms.
About the seller
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Trading • Stocks

50 reviews

If you are looking for a place to grow your knowledge in the stock market, you have found the right place! AdexTrades is a server which focuses on teaching individuals the fundamentals of the financial markets. With over 10+ years of combined experience, we possess the knowledge to help you become consistent and profitable! We are a friendly trading community that is all about making money together and growing along the way. You will learn how to value stocks, learn how markets function and even learn how to put the odds on your side! If you can chart it, we can trade it! By constantly adding new features, we enable you to gain an edge in the market and over other traders. With our LIVE trading, alerts system, educational lessons, industry-leading algorithms, and in-depth market analyses, we give you the tools to succeed. We answer questions. We help guide and provide you with the education and resources to help you become better traders and investors! Our goal is to help create as many self-sufficient traders and investors as possible.

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