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AoE Trading

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Achieve Exclusive Access to Elite Algorithmic Trades

Signal 1-2 trades aday

• Open to give any advice or have any insights on trade ideas that you have. You are more than welcome to discuss or ask any questions about your previous trades.

• My DMs are always open to discuss about anything, feel free to ask for any advice or insight.

• If you would like to check out the discord come join and chat with us!

• For FREE limited access Discord via is below the page!

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Exclusive Premium Access
Get access to ALL my trades and premium channels in Discord.
Options Signals
Mainly day trade with a win rate of 74% and signal swings in occasions.
Education Advice
Ask me any questions that you have. Will be glad to go over your previous trades to give insight.
All Welcome!
All are welcome, we have international members part of the group.
United Community
Gain valuable experience, phenomenal learning environment, and great opportunity to be a part of like-minded people.
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(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
Great signals, this guy is legit. Cheap prices, greatly recommend.
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2 months ago
AoE Trades is a top-notch discord channel for day trading in the stock market, offering unparalleled knowledge and experience from its members. The discussions and analysis provided are insightful, and the moderators keep the conversation focused and productive. It's a supportive and welcoming community where members offer advice and support, making it feel like a team effort. If you want to improve your day trading skills and stay informed on market trends, AoE Trades is highly recommended. Join and give it a 5-star rating!
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2 months ago
Been with this dude since day 1 when he was giving free option signals on Twitter which is now aka X. I honestly don't know why he charges $5 a month, everyone in the premium group says that his membership should be a lot more than five dollars. But it wouldn't hurt to give it try on the group, it costs less than a sandwich at the deli lol
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Trading • Stocks

3 reviews

At AoE Trading, we trade live everyday and review over recent trades. We pride ourselves on our commitment to open communication, and we always welcome inquiries and discussions about our trades. We offer personal insights into your past trades, empowering you to improve and succeed with us. Our premium Discord channels grant you complete access to all our trades and members around the globe. We're proud of the international community we've built, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of their experience or location.

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