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Apes of Wall Street

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(7) 1,000%+ plays live traded from start to finish within last 3-4 months of server launch.. Legal Robbery.

Someone had to set the universal trading servers standards high, and this server was it.

  • Too busy to stare at screen and want SWING trades? Got it.

  • Do not like to swing and want fast paced plays? Got it.

  • Want a breakdown of how/what a play is expected to move like with DRAWN OUT ARROWS BEFORE the price action occurs? Got it.

  • Want to know when a play is approaching critical levels so you never forget? Got it.

  • Do not want your discord to be spammed with 100s of alerts with different accounts and have 30 different channels within the server, but want straight forwardness? Got it.

Everything a trader of any experience could ever need without being lost on any active plays or overall market sentiment.

(before reading into the product details, HIGHLYYYY recommend to go over "About The Seller/Company" and "FAQ" sections first!)

  • Entry alerts are of course a given. I do not consider posting entries as a paid service, as talked about in FAQ. Day trading/Swing trading are both to be expected. The main goal is to create an exclusive driven communtiy with the same ambitions of bettering themselves. At no point should any individual feel lost with the amount of in-depth resources given on a consistent basis. Ideally the hopes are every individual is able to cover their subscription fee relatively quick based off the average trading performance

Swing trading / Day trading // Common shares / Options .. EXPECT IT ALL

  • Everything included in the features list below is to be expected for all members (Please go over the key additional perks which are listed exactly on the "Certified" tier page to learn the differences between "Member" and "Certified")

  • My goal is to provide enough resources consistently so there is a game plan at the tip of your fingers 24/7. Gaining knowledge and learning to trade on your own is the key focus here.. NOT following entry alerts.

Want to become an affiliate and make highly competitive + generous passive referral income? Ask me how!

please note: after payment has been processed, there will be no refunds issued. However, you are able to cancel or upgrade your subscription cycle at any time!

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Discord access

1stEverEntrySystem (certified)
Entries will have multiple specific layouts based off risk/affordability tolerance
Market Strength Scale
Certified members only -- Each week a scale of 1-5 will be posted on how weak or strong I believe indexes will be
Market Flow / Volume Algos
Market flow / Volume algos shared to give any potential insider edge on a consistent basis
Weekly Watchlist
ONLY QUALITY non-spam plays shared each week to give the trader endless options at all times
Weekly Private Educational Vid
Market tips and tricks on various topics to create the ultimate blueprint at understanding the market
Live Sessions
Every Tuesday + Thursday (8PM EST) -- usually about an hour long
Non-Stop Updates
There will be updates given to keep track of active positions from entry till exit. 100% full transparency
1-on-1 Sessions
Refer to the FAQ section for details!
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2 months ago
100% worth the money, the man gives consistent winning plays
Purchased 3 months ago
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4 months ago
Don't think I've seen anyone with a target hit rate as high as BHSL. Great discord for a beginner trader. Timely entry/exit alerts, regular setup updates w/ chart, takes time to answer any questions/concerns. Overall highly recommend.
Purchased 4 months ago
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4 months ago
So far, so good. Excellent Discord server. Answers questions in a timely fashion. Gives weekly update videos that I have learned a lot from. Alerts entry/exits with charts and plans. Great for any level trader and great value for the price.
Purchased 4 months ago
How to Contact Me // Book 1-on-1 Sessions
For any inquiries/questions/bookings, please email: TheApesOfWallSt@gmail.com -- Will try absolute best to reach back in timely manner! // 1-on-1 Sessions are booked for $70 (Session for roughly an hour) or save $70 by booking a bulk-price for $210 (4 Meetings) -- Please email me to book your session(s) and we can get it sorted out with no hassle :)
Why? What is the Sole Purpose?
I believe social media has given an extremely false perception on how trading works. Trading is life-long, not just a few weeks long journey. What do I mean by this? Just having 3 good weeks and then losing it all in a blink of an eye using extreme risk heavy methods is NOT the way to approach the market. You must combine high performance with LONGEVITY to be successful. My goal has been to show a TRANSPARENT + REALISTIC trading approach that anyone can make massive profits with consistency.
Performance Results?
Tickers such as $NAKD, $KOSS, $CEI, $AMC/$GME, $PHUN light a spark in your memory lane? These gamma squeeze names + various other heavy runners were all caught before the crowd. // "But that was years ago, what about performance now?" Well, let's fast forward to now. In just 2023, nearly 10 1000% runners have been clocked already. Overall performance average is roughly out of 10 plays, 7 to be wins, and of those total wins, the overall avg is 180%~ gains consisting of options+commons plays. *subjected to change +/- as market varies*
Free Communities?
The links provided under "About the seller/company" should direct you to my stocktwits + free community discord. I will continue to run them as I have for the past 4 years for those who still want a free community. Each Sunday I run a free live discord session // However, as mentioned, I have come to the conclusion that those who are willing to put in that extra effort by taking part in this new exclusive system should see a massive benefit in trading profits not just financially, but knowledge wise most importantly.
Last But Not Least..
My community members are very well aware of my intentions when it comes to just not the market, but outside of the market. I hope to make a genuine positive change in people's lives. This is an opportunity for me to follow my passion and hopefully spread my passion to others in a chain-like effect. True wealth is not about the materials one possesses. Rather, true wealth is being able to help others in need without expecting anything in return.. With that said, looking forward to meeting you all!
About the seller
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Apes of Wall Street
Trading β€’ Stocks

8 reviews

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Nearly 4 years in the making of attaining credibility by running my community platforms on stocktwits and discord for absolutely free sharing live entries/exits with exact cost averages till this day. Why be a master of one, when you can be a master of all trades? Versatility and high performance in both common share low floaters + options trading I am a firm believer that just entry/exit alerts are NOT enough from running my free communties. Hence, I came up with a system which benefits ANY TRADER to genuinely understand trading and ignore the FOMO noise.

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