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Ascend University

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The halo effect is a very real thing


This lets you join Ascend University where we provide you with access to the following:


• CUSTOM SKINCARE PLANS FROM JAMES HAUSMANN💪 (send pictures for analysis)


•HOW TO COMPLETELY GET RID OF EYEBAGS(science based routine)🧪

• 24/7 Help from ACTUAL models here to help guide you into the modeling industry📸

• 1 on 1 help with JAMES where he builds YOU a custom routine📞

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💎・Premium Members

1 on 1 with JAMES!
1 on 1 tailored routines with JAMES where he builds YOU a custom routine
My entire routine
My entire start to finish routine with studies proving its effectiveness
Weekly expert led lectures
Weekly Zoom lectures featuring different looksmaxers teaching alongside me
Nutrition plans
For all goal types including modeling
Stream with content creators
Stream with content creators while they're live
Get connected
Befriend experts in the community. Building a network has never been more important.
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5 out of 5
(14 reviews)
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2 months ago
Its worth it
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5 months ago
Amazing information and insanely fast service if you have questions. Forever improving and upgrading into different areas is what makes it amazing and worth my money!!
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6 months ago
Really good discord server, with good info on everything you need to develop physically, plus you can easily have contact with James, which is a huge bonus in my book, where you can have a personal conversation with the owner. Everything works, can easily recommend that site!
I'm already done puberty, can I still glow up?
I was 17 and fully done growing when I started my journey. Most of the people I help are 20+ years old it's never too late!!
I'm a girl is this course still usefull?
Absolutely! My course is designed for anyone and everyone aiming for the top, including you. A tailored approach to fit each individual's unique strengths and challenges, irrespective of gender. So, as a girl, you're not just going to find this course useful, you're going to find it a game-changer. It's about unlocking your potential and skyrocketing to success. People treat you differently when you're good-looking.
What if I'm not satisfied?
I can absolutely guarantee a major glow-up, that is a fact! However just to ease your mind I designed the course so you subscribe through whop so it's incredibly straightforward to cancel!
Couldn't I just google these things?
Google is a great tool, but it's like casting a wide net in an ocean of misinformation. You'll catch a lot, but not all of it will be what you need. Here, I'll be your expert fisherman who knows exactly where to find the prime catch. We'll dive deep into the world of genetics and personal development with precision, offering you scientifically validated, tailored content that you simply won't find with a generic online search. It's about quality, accuracy, and personalization.
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Ascend University
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14 reviews

Ascend University is something I've been working on for a very long time creating a unique platform for self-improvement. Growing up with next to no friends and being teased for the way I look, I put a lot of effort into understanding the legitimate science behind cosmetology (the science of facial attractiveness) This is a full in depth course leaving you as experienced as I am in this field. We'll delve deep into every aspect of aesthetic enhancement, based on scientific research. For those that desire careers in modeling or simply looking to master their own potential, we host weekly Zoom lectures featuring different experts alongside me each week. Our platform is not limited to just learning; it's also a fun way for members to connect, build a network, and stream with me. Reaching your genetic potential is a journey, and I'm here to guide you through it with insightful knowledge, expert guidance, and a supportive community.

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