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ASFX - Trading Education

(115 reviews)

We build consistently profitable traders through courses, mentorship, and live streaming!

Learn How To Get Funded As A Futures Trader. This Course Will Cover Everything You Need To Know In Order To Get Paid Out.

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Online course

Futures Trading Course

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VIP Discord Access
Lifetime access to the VIP Discord Chat with thousands of traders from all over the world sharing their trade ideas
Educational Courses
Unlock 100's of hours of content - from fundamental basics to more niche trading strategies.
Community of Traders
Join an exclusive community of traders - discuss tips, strategises, wins, and all things trading
Proven Strategies
Learn the A1, A2, D1, and D2 trading strategies that have been backtested and proven to work year after year
24/7 Support
Gain access to our amazing 24/7 support team
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Customer reviews
4.91 out of 5
(115 reviews)
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1d ago
Honesty, Austin and his team that developed this course did an act of charity. Not only is the information undervalued but they should charge a premium for this course. Even though I personally don't trade using the A1/A2 strategy or anchored VWAP, I do use the standard daily VWAP so his explanation of how the VWAP indicator in general works was a huge help in understanding how to apply the indicator to my own strategy. Even the information on things like properly marking up a chart for analysis and trade management are essential for successful trading. ASFX has been one of the few platforms that stand on transparency as well. Try some of their other products (ASFX TV, Day Trading Show, ASFX Youtube) and you'll see that theme throughout everything they produce. Reviews aren't something that I am compelled to give most times, but I wanted to give a good honest one because of how much their products have helped me. I managed to pass my first evaluation account ($25,000 APEX) with help from their products, and currently on track to pass 3 more $100,000 Apex evaluations. I can't stress enough that this course is FREE so you really have nothing to lose by taking it and you will become a better trader from the experience.
User avatar
2d ago
Great info from beginner level up to someone who is actively participating in the market. Austin gives direct examples of his trades and what helps him choose when to get in to AND out of a trade. Emphasis on having a structured approach that I'll be able to put into place in my own trading. Great course!
User avatar
3d ago
Just finished the free futures course and it was great! I came into trading a few month ago knowing nothing. I stumbled on to Austin's podcast The Day Trading Show by chance listened to most of the episodes and decided to jump straight into the ASFX course and after a week ASFX TV those two things alone have taught me so much and now I am proud member of the BSC which has propelled me leaps and bounds ahead of the curve. One thing I can say is if your serious about making something in this industry Austin and the ASFX team is where you want to be. Being a part of the ASFX and BSC community have helped me learn and start to build a solid foundation for understanding and trading the futures market. Thanks again to Austin, James, Tom, and Evan and everyone else at ASFX for making these educational tools available for anyone that is interested in the markets.
What is your refund policy?
We offer full refunds within 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours, we do not offer any refunds.
What is included in the Forex Course?
The Starter Pack videos teach you the four backtested strategies we built. Plus direct access to Austin Silver.
What is included in Portfolio Management?
This is an 8 hour course with direct access to Ben Sparham for guidance on how to find the right stocks for your future.
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115 reviews

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Day Trading Strategies That You Can Use In Any Market

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