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Elevate Your Betting Game , free daily picks, responsible betting , and in-depth sport analysis. Join now and be part of a vibrant sports community!"

Welcome to a Better Betting Experience with us at cjhmediasports! Enhance your gaming with our in-depth sports analysis and daily picks. Whether you're a fan of NBA, NFL, NHL, UFC, NCAA, Tennis, Soccer, or Boxing, we've got you covered. Our team thoroughly checks each stat, providing a balanced betting recommendation. Add to that, our tutorials on size and unit tracking, you'll be making responsible and confident bets! You'll also become a part of our vibrant sports community. For any queries, we provide round-the-clock support - we're just a message away. So why wait? *Get started today -LETS FEAST!

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Daily Picks Get daily picks for ALL major sports NBA , NFL , NHL , UFC, NCAA , TENNIS, SOCCER , BOXING
Expert Analysis
Our team provides in-depth game analysis to enable confident betting decisions. We research every pick!
Player Performance Analysis
Our team thoroughly examines individual player stats and form to provide a balanced betting recommendation.
Bank Roll Management
Learn how to bet responsibly with proper sizing and unit tracking fundamentals
24/7 Support to answer any questions at any time
Join a community of the most avid sports fans around!
Free Picks
Comes with one free pick a day in our free community discord channel!
Each bet will be graded as a 1-5 unit play. Parlays will vary in wager amount. Higher units means greater confidence!
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5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
Great service won over 1k in 5 days with their picks ...the discord is clean and engaging...it was well worth the price point in honesty the quality of picks they post the price tag should be much more but im not complaining one of the best sports picks groups ive been in!
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2 months ago
They the GOATs of making the best pics and ensuring you finish the week on top!!!
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2 months ago
First day in and already covered the subscription!
What's included in the 'Daily Picks'?
Our Daily Picks include betting recommendations for major sports like NBA, NFL, NHL, UFC, NCAA, Soccer, Boxing and Tennis, backed by thorough analysis.
What benefits do I get by joining the Telegram community?
By joining our Telegram community, you get 24/7 support, daily sports picks, betting fundamentals, and access to avid sports fans like you.
What kind of support can I expect in the Telegram community?
Our team provides 24/7 support to answer your questions and provide advice on betting responsibly and tracking fundamentals.
What happens if I miss a day of picks?
Our picks are delivered daily, but don't worry if you miss a day. All pick data remains available for viewing at your convenience.
How do you ensure the quality of your betting recommendations?
Our team thoroughly examines player stats, game analysis and uses responsible betting principles for balanced betting recommendations.
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Sports Picks β€’ General

3 reviews

Welcome to CJH Media Sports - your winning formula for all sports picks! We're a passionate, dedicated team of sports enthusiasts who excel in providing educated and strategic betting advice for all major sports, including NBA, NFL, NHL, UFC, NCAA, Tennis, Soccer, and Boxing. Our approach is balanced and data-driven, focusing on individual player stats, game analysis, and form to deliver confident betting recommendations. I am Chris and my partner Austin, I created and produced the first ever betting platform in Ohio and was the host of a show Bettin With the Best. Which displayed on Yamo Media in Columbus Ohio. We live for this industry! But we don't stop there! Beyond providing daily picks, we are committed to fostering responsible betting habits through teaching our customers about proper sizing and unit tracking fundamentals. Also, because we believe in clear communication, we're always open – our 24/7 Support team is readily available to answer any questions at any time. So join us, be part of a thriving community that loves sports as much as you do, and unlock your passion for winning with CJH Media Sports.

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