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#3 Ranked Poker Payer in World 2021 with over $7 million+ in Winnings #1 Sports Bettor in World 2024.

๐–๐ก๐š๐ญ ๐˜๐จ๐ฎ ๐†๐ž๐ญ:

  • Access to a community of sports betting enthusiasts, daily educational content to enhance your betting skills, and one free play each day to get a taste of our premium picks.

๐ˆ๐๐ž๐š๐ฅ ๐…๐จ๐ซ:

  • Beginners looking to learn more about sports betting and experienced bettors seeking a free resource for daily tips.
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Take sports knowledge from a professional gambler with over $7 million dollars earned publically
Daily Picks
Daily Picks from a sports bettor that actually bets the games they give to others
24/7 Support
24/7 Support to answer any questions at any time
You will get access to Sean Perry's community on Telegram
Customer question & answers
How do you Recieve Daily picks?
In the telegram chats
Answered 2 months ago
Is there a guarantee on making money for your monthly package? Or say someone buys your lock of the day and it loses?
There is never a guarantee. I historically have always made money in the long term betting sports...past results are not an indication of future.
Answered 2 months ago
Once I pay 4 weekly pick will I only get charged for that one week
They are reoccurring payments
Answered 2 months ago
Do you bet prize picks?
Yes. We have a player prop package.
Answered 1 month ago
What sports does Sean focus on? Does he do MMA?
Yes. UFC is one of my best sports.
Answered 1 month ago
If I sign up for the monthly picks, Can you cancel anytime? And how do you cancel?
You can cancel anytime right in your whop account.
Answered 2 months ago
If I buy the monthly subscription does it end at the end of the month it last 30 days
It is a 30 day billing cycle. So your subscription will end 30 days from when you purchased.
Answered 1 month ago
What's the difference between lock of the day and daily picks?
The lock of day is my best edged play of the day based on my algorithms
Answered 1 month ago
Do any of these package deals included dfs picks
No we do not have any DFS picks right now. This is something we might expand into soon.
Answered 1 month ago
Do you cover prize pick bets if not Whatโ€™s the site to be on With yo best results
Yes - we have player props that get sent out each day
Answered 1 month ago
Are the daily picks given in a separate chat on Telegram? I bought the lock of day plus daily picks and didnโ€™t see any daily picks today?
Yes the daily picks and and lock of day are different telegram groups. You can join both right in your orders section.
Answered 1 month ago
Where do I put the discount code in ?
Discount code can be entered on the checkout page under the price where it says "See Details"
Answered 1 month ago
Hi, I was wondering if you are currently hiring?
Yes - check out and apply for the open positions here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScF6gMFUuHiV7POircimRpazOJ3GvpEQnUA81hlebGZOhAVIA/viewform?usp=sf_link
Answered 1 month ago
I purchased the yearly sub. Does that include nfl championship and player props? Iโ€™m in the lock of day, daily pick and regular parlay telegrams.
Yes it does. It had its separate telegram channel to join and get the picks
Answered 1 month ago
What the difference between daily picks and lock of the day
The difference between my BEST BET and my DAILY PICKS is that my best bet has the best edge of the day.
Answered 1 month ago
Do you use the app under dog because Iโ€™m not familiar with parlays an if so whatโ€™s the best package to get for a begginer but love bettin on ๐Ÿ€ daily?
If you are using underdog, I would purchase the parlay package which includes a player prop package each day!
Answered 19d ago
For the options you have available under $200 do any of them include PrizePicks for the people that live in Tx?
Yes the parlay package has player prop parlays that you can play in prize picks
Answered 3d ago
How do we interact with you on the Telegram? TG says things like "DM ME for first time deals" I can't find out how to dm
You can DM me on Instagram @seanperrywins
Answered 21d ago
Where do I see your ufc picks?
UFC picks get sent out with the rest of my straight bet picks in the daily picks channel!
Answered 1 month ago
How many plays do you post a day on PrizePicks in your prop package?
My player prop parlay is 3 legs per day!
Answered 1 month ago
Do you also do FanDuel picks ?
Yes - You can bet all my plays on fanduel
Answered 20d ago
Do you do FanDuel as well ?
Yes you can bet all my plays on fanduel!
Answered 22d ago
Hi, on which platform do I need to place the bets I get from you?
You can place them on any sports book. It all depends on what state you live in. If you google "Sports Betting in "your state" you will be able to find the available books to make accounts with.
Answered 24d ago
What sports do you bet on
I bet on all sports!
Answered 25d ago
Does the monthly package include player props ? I want to purchase but I only play on prize picks
You can purchase the monthly parlay package and that includes a player prop parlay each day!
Answered 10d ago
Customer reviews
4.64 out of 5
(156 reviews)
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7d ago
Numbers donโ€™t lie, Sean is definitely the truth. If you have proper BRM you will win in the long run with this guy!
Purchased SEAN PERRY FREE TELEGRAM ๐Ÿ‘‘ย  2 months ago
User avatar
7d ago
Sean Perry is a very reasonable and on point guy. When he says the heater is on it is on. I can vouch for myself that his picks are on point and fire. I was once on the sideline and brought one of his packages, so donโ€™t be that person and hop on the money train the heater stays on all year
Purchased LOCK OF DAY ๐Ÿ”ย  22d ago
User avatar
7d ago
I love the picks bro ! Your a a lot of help
Purchased Player Prop Parlay Package 8d ago
What time does the lock of day come out each day?
The "Lock of Day" will always come out at a different time. There are many variables that go into this decision each day like injury reports, lineup changes, weather etc. Keep notifications on as the play will always be sent with ample time before that game begins.
What is your refund policy?
There are absolutely no refunds. All purchases are final.
What time do you send your picks out?
Picks will always be sent with ample time to bet them before they start.
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Sean Perry Wins
Sports Picks โ€ข Betting Algorithms

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Sean Perry is a 27 year old self made multi millionaire from his gambling endeavors. He's famously known for being one of the worlds best poker players and sports bettors. In 2021, he was ranked the #3 poker player in the world with over $7 million in tournament winnings. Sean is known for making multi million dollar bets on super bowls and other events. He has won 5 super bowls in a row and have had his videos of him posting his million dollar cashouts from the sports books going viral. He is the biggest sports crusher, as every sports book in Vegas has taken a loss from him and cut him off from betting. He pays a team of the best analytical guys and handicappers multiple millions a year to generate the most highly percentages and biggest edge bets of any sports handicapper there is. With being up over 8 figures in lifetime earnings, If you're looking to get rich from sports like Sean has, following Sean's plays is the way to go!!!

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