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ON SALE THIS WEEK ONLY! Turn $500 into $70,000 in 12 months or less! Quit your job and trade full time! We show you how. 100%-6500% profits DAILY!

BITCOIN OPTIONS TRADING - average earning $500 per hour of trading! Available to Trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

March 12: 200% SPY Puts 450% SPY Calls 60% YETI 200% IBM 145% GOOGL

March 11: 100% SPY Calls 200% SPY Puts

March 8:
100% SPY Calls 1200% SPY Puts 75% AVGO Calls 450% AVGO Puts

Feb23: 250% on SPY Puts 80% on SPY calls 200% on SMCI puts 100% on LLY calls

1600% on SPY 500% on AVGO 100% on NVDA

Feb21: 200% SPY Calls 150% SPY Puts

Feb20: 200% SPY 201.

Membership fees are 100% tax deductable!!!!!

100% of profits go directly to Disabled American Veterans. As such, the receipt can be used as a charitable donation and can be written off as a deduction. Please consult a tax professional when filing your tax return. In compliance with 501(c)(3) of the US tax code.

93% WIN rate, 172% average gain! 94 winners and 9 losers.

ACTUAL RESULTS: In less than a week, one member has recovered all their losses with another service for an entire year, while another member has earned $42,000 in less than a week in our community, and we have tripled another member's account in less than 5 trading days!!!

Experience the success of DayTrading. A collaborative Discord community helping traders to become MILLIONAIRES by maximizing profits, while reducing losses. Providing a unique, all-in-one collaboration platform revealing the true power of community interaction and networking. Real-time Entry and Exit strategies for US Stock Options, comprehensive discussions to evolve your trading, and innovative methods for income generation.

Enjoy the rewards of Bitcoin Options trading, making $500+ and hour trading the movement of Bitcoin whether it's up or down! A VIP membership gives you access to stock options trading Monday thru Friday while markets are open, and Bitcoin Options Trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week forever. If any new service is added, it is included in the VIP Membership!

Other options include: After a one-time $150 administrative fee our subscriptions are less than industry standard starting at $89/monthly, $997/annually, or stock options lifetime (transferrable to a family member) access for only $2,997. Bitcoin Options Trading is $249/month, $2000/year or a VIP membership including all services for life is $5000. Join DayTrading MasterMind and revolutionize your trading journey, we don't just trade during the day, we can trade bitcoin in the middle of the night if you're up for it!

Stock Options Trading Monthly - $89/month

Bitcoin Options Trading Monthly - $249/month

Stock Options Trading Annual - $1297/year

Bitcoin Options Trading Annual - $2000/year

Stock Options Lifetime - $2500 once

VIP includes everything forever - $5000 once

100% of profits go directly to Disabled American Veterans. As such, the receipt can be used as a charitable donation and can be written off as a deduction. Please consult a tax professional when filing your tax return. In compliance with 501(c)(3) of the US tax code.

Thank you.

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Trade Recommendations
100%-3000% PROFITS DAILY - Entry and Exit prices for trading US Stock Options 4-6 Trades per day!
ALL Day EVERY Day Trading
During US market hours trade side by side, considering various factors like entry/exit price and market volatility.
Small Acccounts - Big Accounts
You WILL make money!! Maximize profits, reducing losses are the keys to our success, plus HUGE wins!!!! 3000%plus
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(9 reviews)
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4 months ago
I have been trading on this platform for 1 month and a half now and I am so grateful to have found Chris. His trades are at least 100% profit and my account is growing every day. Thank you, Chris for all the hard work you put into this platform. I would recommend this platform to everyone. Also he is teaching crypto Up/Down options . That is an easy $2000 per day with a small investment. Amazing!!!
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4 months ago
So, it's the first day back from a long weekend off from trading. Luckily, Chris had 6 trades ready for us before the bell. The results? One up 25% in an hour. One was up 90% in ten minutes(I know, right?) One sold at 200%. Another at 75%...all in the first hour of trading! Then I earned a profit of $3600 on three SPX credit spreads. Unbelievable! This puts every service to shame in comparison. Just try it...You will be a believer in no time.
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4 months ago
Here's what I wrote today in the chat: "One last point, then I'll be quiet(maybe). I've screwed around with different gurus for the past 5 yrs and slowly lost approx $12K. Over this past week alone, my acct balance has gone up $4146. What a difference a day(or 4) makes! A big shout out to Chris. Lead us to the Promised Land of Profits, new friend." That's the kind of thing you hear all day long in Chris's chat room. If you are presently trading with an advertised millionaire, depending on a setup that can never make money in the long run, good luck(One host repeatedly says that he could not make money if all he did was place the options that they recommend!) There's a reason that services like that don't emphasize their winning record...because it would be embarrassing if they did! If you don't give this service, DayTrading MasterMind a try, you will be missing a golden opportunity to do what you initially set out to do; INCREASE YOUR NET WORTH! Whatever you decide to do, good luck to you!
What benefits will I receive when I join the Discord channel?
You'll get real time specific trade recommendations with entry/exit points and in-depth discussions on market volatility while the US Markets are open. A fun, friendly atmosphere focused on earning money, while also learning more about trends, patterns, seasonality, and other factors that play a roll in the direction of stocks in order to leverage that information into incredible return on your investments!
What else can I expect from joining the community?
Well, glad you asked, we will begin weekly raffles giving away cash, prizes, crypto currencies, and more!
Do you pay referral fees for recommending joining the community?
YES. Currently paying $100 for each person brought into the community. (Receive payment after the new member has been in the community for 5 weeks.)
About the seller
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Trading • Stocks

9 reviews

A father, husband, US Marine and Disabled American Veteran of Foreign Wars dedicated to family, friends and helping people become financially secure for themselves and their family! Chris is a dynamic and innovative trader focused on increasing every members portfolio, regardless of size. He welcomes new traders with accounts of all sizes and is eager to ensure everyone is getting into the trades on time and out on time, maximizing their profits. Having grown up on welfare and food stamps, he is motivated to help people gain the knowledge and skills to be able to trade independently as well as contribute to the success of the community! Powered by a deep understanding of market trends and trading strategies, Chris offers traders unique entry and exit prices for trading US Stock Options. We have infused our passion for trading into our Discord community, where eager traders, irrespective of their experience levels, can engage in stimulating discussions, learn new strategies, and magnify their income potential. By making experts' strategies accessible, we are revolutionizing the landscape of trading and empowering people to earn anywhere from 20% to 3000% profit per trade. Join us and be a part of this financial revolution. There is no limits to the income potential every trader can earn and Chris is here to see that each member is successful. He cares!

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