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Complete access to all of Cuffbets parlays, knowledge, and sports expertise.
Complete access to all of Choobets picks, knowledge, and sports expertise.
Members will have the opportunity to win cash, free months of service, and more.
Choo and Cuff are both highly knowledgeable and profitable across all sports. Complete transparency with all plays.
Education on Betting
Cuff and Choo are available 24/7 to help or offer advice about betting strategies, unit control, fighting FOMO and more.
Our members are a part of our community. Our community section offers a hub for members to communicate and share picks.
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2 months ago
Choo and cuff been helping me get some bread man there’s not a whole lot of people out there I can say that about
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2 months ago
Cuff & Choo have the best betting group going on right now. They don’t give no bad odds and don’t up-charge nobody for their slips. They really putting people on , if you’re trying to win good money join the group.
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2 months ago
Cuff and Choo always on point and great advice! Highly recommend joining 👌 you winter regret it
What do + and - mean in sports betting?
The plus (+) and minus (-) "( - )" always refers to the favorite and the " (+) " always refers to the underdog.
How do sports betting spreads work?
Sports betting spreads, also referred to as lines, are used to even the odds between two unevenly matched teams.
What is an underdog in sports betting?
An underdog is the team or individual expected to lose a particular event.
What is a favorite in sports betting?
A favorite is the team or individual expected to win a particular event.
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Sports Picks • General

9 reviews

Welcome to CuffBets sports consulting. What was once a hobby in college for Cuff, has manifested into an viable option for long term profit. Alongside Choo, Cuff has a very simple goal: ensure members are profitable long term. Cuff focuses on Parlays, and Choo focuses on Props, so members get the best of both ! NOTE: Risk your units accordingly

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