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Digital Currency Traders

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Best Altcoin Season System in the World 🌍

Book your 1 on 1 Call with Doug. Access the Altcoin Season Spreadsheet. Follow 270+ ALT/BTC pairs and diversify your portfolio with our Daily Action Matrix.

This membership includes access to the Altcoin Season Indicator, The Five Stages of The Trade, and Discord community support. Everything provided by the introtocryptos membership is available here - with easier integrated access to all our tools.

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AltSeason CoPilot Mastery, The 5 Stages of The Trade

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30 Minute 1 on 1 Call

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Customer Support
Your success is our focus. Our customer support team is happy to assist with any inquiries or issues.
Easy Trading Approach
Make your money is work for you while you are doing something else. Position and stop watching charts.
Daily Action Matrix
Diversify into small spot positions to manage your portfolio in a few minutes each day.
Discord Community
The people in our community make all the difference! Trading should be fun AND educational.
Chart Reviews
Ask our experienced traders for analysis on any chart. Present your TA on any stage of the trade and get Pro feedback.
Crypto, Forex, Stocks
Our trading system works for any markets on TradingView cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks and commodities.
Ongoing Education
Learn how Trading Psychology affects us through the Five Stages of the Trade in each Altcoin Season.
AI Trading Coach
We trained ChatGPT on our Trading Plan and made it into a live chatbot to help you study and learn.
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(1 reviews)
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6 months ago
Wow! So much information included! This is more organized and complete trading approach that isn't based on daytrading guesswork like so many others. I like the idea 'money works for me', and if I'm watching the charts all the time... well - that is supposed to be what my money is doing for me. And I should be building a new income stream instead. I think this will save me time as well as help me stop overtrading.
How much profit will I make?
When addressing financial matters in any of our books, sites, videos, newsletters or other content, we've taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent our strategies and services and their ability to improve your trading or grow your portfolio. However, there is no guarantee that you will get any results or earn any profit using any of our ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations, and we do not purport any 'get rich schemes' in any of our content. Nothing in our training products are a promise or guarantee of earnings.
What is the AltSeason CoPilot?
Based on a proven crypto trading plan, the AltSeason CoPilot includes risk control strategies and focuses on identifying long-term trends for altcoins and taking advantage of portfolio diversification. It is designed to help traders maximize their profits by trading the ALT/BTC spread while minimizing risk. By focusing on the ALT/BTC spread and taking advantage of portfolio diversification, traders can benefit from explosive moves in the hottest cryptocurrency markets while minimizing risk in those coins that have not follow through.
How do your trading signals work?
The AltSeason CoPilot Spreadsheet provides a Daily Action Matrix that identifies the cryptocurrencies that are passing any of our trading action zones. ALERT status coins highlight a brief moment before our trend trading entry signal is anticipated, providing our members with advanced notice of trading signals as they are setting up.
How does artificial intelligence help your trading plan?
We use ai in two important ways, for teaching and for optimizing our strategies. First, we have trained a ChatGPT chatbot on 400 pages of our entire trading course so our members can ask the chatbot anything about our trading plan. Second, after scanning thousands of variations of our trading indicator settings, we use ChatGPT to analyze all the data and find the optimal setting based on an algo that included total profit, number of trades, and max drawdown.
Do you offer 24/7 support?
We love questions! Our AI Trading Instructor is always available to help with your questions about The Five Stages of The Trade, our risk management approach, and even how to protect yourself from the common pump and dump scam. Our Discord group is always active and a MOD or ADMIN will get back to all of your questions. You are not left on your own to figure this stuff out. We are there to help you build the habits that all successful traders share. You CAN do this.
About the seller
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Digital Currency Traders
Trading β€’ Crypto

1 review

I'm Doug, a cryptocurrency trader from Canada. I began in 2015 with zero and grew it to 530k in three years. I am a the inventor of the AltSeason CoPilot and Editor of the DigitalCurrencyTraders Publication. Thousands of students from over 70 countries around the world have taken this course and proven this system works.

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