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Elite Edge Algo

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Where Signals Point To Success✔️

  • Introducing Elite Edge Algo – your ultimate trading companion for just $80 USD per month! Gain access to daily blueprints outlining precise market directions and targets in real-time. As a subscriber, you’ll receive instant updates directly to your feed, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

  • Our results are transparent – we post on Twitter after each trade, allowing you to verify timestamps and track performance to back check our execution!

  • Expect to receive the day’s blueprint just moments after the market opens, giving you the edge you need for successful trading. Please note that this service is tailored for SPY trading, and users should have familiarity with options trading. Don’t miss out on maximizing your trading potential with Elite Edge Algo!

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Elite Edge Algo Chatroom
Analyses and reports of current market trends especially on S&P 500. Available through Discord.
Signal room
Receive real time signals at market open
How to use
Education on how to read and interpret the Algo
Customer Q&A
Q: How does it work?
A: Hi, if you check my Twitter you’ll see all the results before and after https://twitter.com/ambuscada7 The discord room has a signal room where I post what the algo is telling me for S&P500 every morning
Asked on Mar 20, 2024
Q: is it an algo or is it a a discord group. Are indian Indices included ??
A: Hi, it is a algo I use to post signals in my discord group. Please check my Twitter to see results http://twitter.com/ambuscada7 Also to answer your question for Indian indices, unfortunately this is only built for S&P500
Asked on Mar 15, 2024
Q: Can we just the algo for TradingView?
A: No , there is a signal room I post direction + target at market open. Just follow the direction + entry zones
Asked on Apr 26, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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2 months ago
This algo is next level information for your trading. Just a few minutes into the market, the discord will provide the direction of the market for the day, with a success rate well over 90%. We are given multiple possible entries to watch with exact target levels. The support and resistance areas are top notch and I am constantly updated on the market throughout the day. The moderator also provides useful tools such as market tide to get an idea of calls/puts ratio. Definitely recommend as the accuracy is impeccable, with most days hitting the target to the dot
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3 months ago
Hi all, if you're one of the lucky ones to stumble across this discord then your wishes were granted!! Seriously thou, he took time to build an Algo just for the SPY plus combined that with unusual whales tide plus in addition comparing the QQQ with SPY to come up with the best possible way to gain profits , you should have no problems making back the cost of purchase on your first trade... I did ..
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3 months ago
"Elite Algo trading Discord is a game-changer! The precision in trading interactions is unmatched. I’ve never met someone so involved in the entrie trade all the way through. The community's insights are not only accurate but also timely. The collective knowledge and supportive environment make it a valuable resource for traders. I've experienced consistent success and learned a lot from the community. Definitely a five-star rating for the excellence in trading strategies and the overall positive atmosphere. Highly recommended for anyone serious about trading!"
Does your algorithm support analysis of cryptocurrencies or other ticker symbols?
This algorithm is specifically designed for trading SPY options.
What is the return rate generated by this algorithm?
Based on historical data, we typically experience 1-2 losses per month. However, it’s important to note that nothing is guaranteed in trading.
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Elite Edge Algo
Trading • Options

5 reviews

The only trader with an algo that shows early signals before market reaction, and showing the direction with target of the day.

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