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Your gateway to winning big in the betting scene!

Welcome to Paradise Picks, the ultimate destination for winning insights on worldwide sports betting! Our expert team delivers precise, data-driven tips for a variety of sports, ensuring you stay ahead of the game. With a proven track record and in-depth analysis, we provide daily tips, exclusive betting strategies, and betting tools to maximise your success. Join our community of savvy bettors and experience the thrill of informed betting with Paradise Picks – your key to smarter bets and bigger wins in the betting scene!

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Daily Tips
You'll receive daily tips backed by extensive statistical analysis and knowledge.
Bankroll Management
Stay on top of your money and ensure you earn a profit.
We keep record of all our bets and post them in our Discord.
Friendly Staff
Talk 1-on-1 with our friendly staff.
Join other like-minded individuals in our members chat.
Customer Q&A
Q: Do you guys offer a free trial or anything with the membership. Also just wanted to ensure this membership can be cancelled at anytime. Thanks!
A: Hi Toby! If you go to our Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube (all are linked on our whop page), there will be a link in our bio which will take you to the free section of our discord. There you can access our daily free tips and if you like those, you can join our membership. The membership can be cancelled at any time :) Thanks!
Asked on Jul 9, 2024
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(2 reviews)
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a month ago
when joining this group they were very welcoming, showing me around, teaching me things about the group. I love their tips especially in this time of the euros. they have been very supportive and i’m looking forward to making some more profit
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a month ago
Good tips, good communication and support, managed to profit over 12+ units in my first week. Definitely recommend, or at least try the free trial. Its worth it.
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Paradise Picks
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Welcome to Paradise Picks! Through our extensive statistical analysis and bots, we are able to provide the best picks on sporting and racing events across the world with a main focus on Racing, AFL, NRL, and Soccer.

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