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Ethan ICT

(10 reviews)

An exclusive community for ICT Traders.

Gain access to EthanICT's Private Discord Community!

  • Weekly R&O
  • Live Streams
  • Live Q&As
  • Recorded Content
  • Lectures & Homework
  • Trade Reviews
  • 24/7 Support
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Private Community Lives, EthanTrades Mentorship

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Weekly Review & Outlook
Weekly Review & Outlook is released on a weekly basis to give thorough thought process for weekly preparation.
Live Streams
Live Streams are almost daily. Time & Dates are dependent on USD economic news events.
Q&A Live Streams
Q&A Live Streams are hosted on a weekly basis to answer and questions the private community may have.
Recorded Content
All premium content is recorded and posted on Whop.
Lectures and Homework
Private Community members are granted early access to Lectures and exclusive access to Homework.
Trade Execution Reviews
All trade executions taken by EthanICT are annotated and posted with a full breakdown.
Q&A Forum and Discussions
Private Community forum and discussions page for any Questions you may have. These are personally answered by EthanICT.
24/7 Support
As long as EthanICT is available and sees your message(s), you will get a response.
Customer Q&A
Q: can i trade directly with you on live stream?
A: No, for legality issues. Our team provides analysis and what you do with that information is up to you...
Asked on May 18, 2024
Q: Your 2024 Mentorship says it has a limit of 100. Are you still accepting students on it?
A: We are still accepting students as that has not been updated. But since we have reached the goal, we have decided to increases prices, effective May 31st 11:59 PM EST, 2024. Per Month will be raised to $250/mo., $712.50/3mo., and $3499.97/Lifetime. This is because we want to keep the experience as personable while keeping in mind staff capacity to answer questions and provide resources and costs. Hope that helps! :)
Asked on May 26, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(10 reviews)
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20d ago
The community is amazing! Even as a free member, I was impressed by Eli's (The community mod) responsiveness. He answered a lot of questions about Ethan's model, which convinced me to join Premium. I was looking to grow even more, and I got even more than I expected. The people in Premium are awesome. Ethan is super professional, transparent, and responsive. And now that we have another professional who has joined the team, it's even crazier! Do not sleep on this, guys and girls. If you're struggling with anything, this community has your back. I'm eagerly waiting for another live session. I would rate it 10/10.
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2 months ago
Great community. Ethan will actually show you how the concepts work together, unlike other communities that will just teach you the pieces and make you figure it out on your own. The live sessions are GOLD. Definitely recommend this group. Pricing is surprisingly reasonable as well.
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2 months ago
If you struggle with consistency or have yet to find your trading model, you’ve just found what you’ve been for. Teachings are clear, he’s very transparent and responsive. Highly recommend!
Why did I get charged even though I have free trial?
Make sure you cancel your subscription prior to the free trial ending. Otherwise, you will be charged for however many months you do not cancel.
About the seller
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Ethan ICT
Trading • General

10 reviews

Full-Time Funded Index Futures Trader, Educator, and Content Creator.

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