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FCT Trading Group

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Your way to consistent profitability πŸ“ˆ

FCT Trading Group Premium Membership

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When you join the premium membership at FCT, you gain access to education and a group of experienced traders who share insights, trading strategies, and real-time market updates.

At FCT, we supercharge your trading journey. Struggling to become consistently profitable? Here, you'll learn to refine your skills to perfection. In short, you'll develop into a consistently profitable trader.

What do you receive when you become a premium member?

Comprehensive educational resources covering a wide range of trading topics. Access to a community of experienced traders for guidance, support, and collaboration. Real-time market updates and analysis to stay ahead of the curve. Advanced trading strategies and techniques to enhance your profitability. Personalized support and mentorship to address your specific trading challenges and goals. Join FCT's premium membership today and unlock the tools and support you need to achieve consistent profitability in your trading journey."

βœ… Daily analysis for London and New york sessions

βœ… Coaching + education

βœ… Wednesday webinars (Q & A)

βœ… Access to 1 on 1 sessions

βœ… Software for data gathering (backtesting)

βœ… Journal-template

βœ… Price action strategy

βœ… Liquidity strategy

βœ… FCT Fusion strategy.

Everything you need to become consistently profitable. Have questions? Don't hesitate to ask and send an email to: thedutchtrader@hotmail.com

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Future Trader

Education regarding the Forex market, investing, strategies, riskmanagement, psychology etc.
Wednesday Webinars
Analysis on request, backtesting, Q&A.
Multiple Funded Traders
Multiple people got funded capital this year using my strategies, are you next?
Price action Strategy
Simple and effective strategy, you can apply it on the charts in no time!
Liquidity Trading strategy
Advanced concepts regarding the market and how to profit from them.
FCT Fusion strategy
Best off PA and Liq trading. (FCT Trading Group)
London and NY Analysis
Analysis before the sessions start. (FCT Trading Group)
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(6 reviews)
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a month ago
Top groep om een eigen strategie te vormen en dit onder de knie te krijgen. Je krijgt veel hulp en kan ook gebruik maken van de kennis die al aanwezig is in de groep. Veel trades samen met alle andere leden gepakt, zeker een aanrader!
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5 months ago
This group was the last piece I needed to complete the puzzle. Since joining this group 3 weeks ago, my trading has become better tremendously. Raymon takes the time to look at your trade log and gives critical feedback, excactly what you need to become better! Live webinars are based in input/questions from the community. Everything explained by a expert!
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7 months ago
I was already trading for a few years but was struggling to be a consistent profitable trader. When i joined FCT it opened my eyes and the progress made these last 6 months are insane. They make time to guide you on a personal level. No false promises, all hard work. The community is very good too all hard working people who don't mind to share their ideas. There are no stupid questions, everyone is there to level up with eachother. Next step is to go fulltime trading. Thanks FCT for sharing your view and knowledge.
Am I able to ask questions in the FCT Academy?
Of course you are! We try to get back to you as soon as possible.
If I can’t attend a webinar, am I able to watch it afterwards?
All webinars are recorded and you can watch them afterwards.
How can I join the FCT Trading group?
First you will need some experience, either through the FCT Academy or other resources. You can simply apply by sending an E-mail or message on discord or other socials.
What steps do I need to take to become succesfull in trading?
Educate yourself, form a strategy, backtest that strategy. Profitable? Live trade your strategy and scale your trading profits.
Do you have a refund policy?
We do not offer refunds, you are however able to stop your subscription at any time. So there are no longer term contracts. No strings attached.
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FCT Trading Group
Trading β€’ Forex

6 reviews

At Futurum Capital Traders, our mission is to empower traders of all levels, from beginners to advanced, with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to achieve consistency in the markets. We are committed to providing a productive trading group where members can learn, grow, and confidently achieve their financial goals with integrity. We aim to create an environment where traders from diverse backgrounds can collaborate, exchange ideas, and continually enhance their trading skills.

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