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FXC Academy

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Your Path to Profitable Trading

‘50cal’ is the strategy created and perfected over many years by Sebastien. Our digital course contains over 10 hours of videos, where Sebastien shares his strategy, tips, and learnings from over a decade of successful trading. Our course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders.

🎓Course Curriculum:

📚 Forex Foundations: Understanding Forex: Explore the basics of the Forex market, including terminology and trading strategies.

✳️ Risk Management: Understanding the critical role of risk management in preserving capital and minimizing losses in Forex trading.

📈 Technical Analysis: Understanding chart basics, supply and demand dynamics, key levels, trends, and Fibonacci tools. Interpretation of technical analysis to identify trends and key reversal areas for trading opportunities. Benefits: Establishing better entry and exit points, gaining insight into market price movements for future predictions.

📊 Fundamental Analysis: Understanding Fundamental Analysis: Learn the basics of fundamental analysis, including economic indicators, central bank policies, and geopolitical events. Market Drivers: Explore how fundamental factors impact currency prices and influence trading decisions. Incorporating Fundamentals: Learn how to integrate fundamental analysis into your trading strategy to identify potential trading opportunities and manage risk.

🔍 Patterns: Recognizing Patterns: Learn to identify common chart patterns, such as triangles, head and shoulders, and double tops/bottoms. Pattern Analysis: Understand the significance of chart patterns in predicting future price movements and determining trade setups. Candlestick Patterns

📋 Trading Routine: Establishing a Trading Routine: Learn how to create a structured trading routine to enhance productivity and consistency in your trading activities using the 50cal strategy.

📉 Chart Analysis Examples: Implementing the 50cal strategy: Learn how to put the strategy together by watching Sebastien implementing it step-by-step on various currency pairs in order to find trading opportunities.

💬 FXC Community Lifetime Access*:: Access our FXC Community, a dynamic hub where our graduates connect and engage in discussions related to Forex trading, supporting each other's progress and growth. Elevate your trading journey alongside fellow members. (*Members must comply with community rules to access this chat, including but not limited to refraining from operating their own ventures or communities related to Forex trading).

Start your journey today and unlock the secrets of successful trading with Sebastien’s proven ‘50cal’ strategy!

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Physical Trading Floor (UK)
Kickstart your trading journey on our 42-trading station floor to meet like-minded traders and elevate your trading
Trading Education
Learn fundamental and technical analysis to develop profitable trading skills from engaging courses and content
Progress Tracking
We use a 3-tier evaluation system to assess your skills and help you become a self-sufficient, profitable trader
Digital Course
Our 50Cal strategy has been utilized by 1000s of traders worldwide
Comprehensive Market Breakdown
Receive regular chart and video updates on the Forex, Oil, Indices and Metals market
Proprietary Trading Journal
Collect your trading data, allowing our experts to assist you in crafting a personalised trading plan
Community Chat
Members have the possibility to ask questions and interact with each other
One-to-One Coaching
Discuss any issues you're encountering in your trading journey and receive one-to-one coaching and support
Customer Q&A
Q: Do you offer signals?
A: FXC Academy focuses on education and does not provide signals. However, our memberships include analyses of pairs highlighting areas of interest and potential plays, allowing you to replicate them and develop your technical analysis skills.
Asked on May 16, 2024
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(1 reviews)
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1 month ago
I have been a part of the FXC Academy (former FXCartel) community for quite some time and the education they provide is superb. Trading is not an easy game but the information provided is invaluable to become a self-sufficient trader!
What timeframe does your strategy operate on?
Our strategy is designed to function across various timeframes, with optimal performance observed on the daily timeframe
What does the 2-day in-person course cover?
- Risk Environment -Techundamentals - Journaling & Planning - How to trade Silver and Gold - Hands on Experience - Q&A
Is there a contract on your memberships?
No, you can cancel at any time.
How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time in your Whop Hub.
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FXC Academy
Trading • Forex

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Founded by Sebastien Dubois in 2018 and previously known as ‘FX Cartel’, we embarked on a rebranding journey in 2023 to foster inclusivity and reflect our dedication to delivering unparalleled trading education. Our mission is to empower individuals to become self-reliant traders, enabling them to navigate the financial markets with confidence and proficiency.

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