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Gold Standard Traders

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Rise Together: Where Excellence Sets the Standard

Gold Standard Traders is a premium Discord membership offering unique, valuable insights into the world of Forex trading. For just $125 every 30 days, members get access to exclusive content, Prop Firm Algo Indicator, and signals designed to enhance trading skills and profits.

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GoldST Algo Indicator, GoldST MSI Indicator

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Trading Education
Learn the Strategies Used by Successful Forex Traders to Maximize Profit
PropFirmAlgo Indicator
Receive instant access to the PFA trading indicator for Trading View.
Trade Setups
View daily trading charts and setups to trade with the professionals
Premium Forex Signals
Gain access to 1-3 Forex signals daily.
1 on 1 Support
Receive individualized attention and assistance to elevate your trading skills to new heights!
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5 out of 5
(4 reviews)
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4 months ago
I really enjoyed the trading videos and the breakdowns as well as the trade signals and the weekly calls have been very helpful to me and have helped me increase my trading skills over the past month. I’m happy with this and recommended to other people who are into trading.
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9 months ago
I recently started forex trading and with the guidance and mentorship of Michael, I haven't had to experience the mistakes most new traders go through. He really cares about your success and is always there when you need him. Thanks Michael. By the way, the signals he provides are so on point and I look forward to them everyday!
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9 months ago
Have just joined the VIP and after only 2 days of following Mike instructions, I have already made back about 75% of the 3 months subsubscription fees! Loved it!
Are all plans subscription based?
Yes. Any membership you select will automatically renew monthly until you cancel.
How do I cancel my membership?
Log into Whop with your Discord account. Go to the Whop dashboard and click "Manage Membership". From there you will see the option to cancel. You will have access until your billing cycle is complete.
Can I get a refund?
No, all sales are final.
Do you have a lifetime membership available?
No, not at this time.
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Gold Standard Traders
Trading β€’ Trading Indicators

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