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Experience the thrill of making money from your phone anywhere at any time. We promise you will be satisfied! Just read the reviews!

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Daily Sport Bet Picks
Daily sports bets that we place that you can copy and paste and place yourself then take the profits for yourself
Daily Forex And Crypto Signals
Copy and paste the trades and secure profits effortless without looking at the charts every single day!
Shoe and Item restock signals aswell + Price error signals and many more signals for shoes and other goods for reselling
Money making courses
Hundreds of money making courses which teach you things like digital dropshipping reselling clothing brand + much more!
Affilate Marketing
Amazing Affilate Marketing opportunity with my group and make extra money every month
1 on 1 support
24/7 Support from me as well as other group chat members
Group Chat
Group chat which includes all members (great for networking) perfect way to find like minded people on the same path
Monthly giveaways to our members with items such as iPhones, PS5's and cash etc.
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4.93 out of 5
(34 reviews)
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19h ago
Haz picks group is undoubtedly the best in Australia! For seeking easy money opportunities and learning in a supported community this is definitely the one for you. My first day of joining I was able to turn $25 into $150+ just from copying his the bets! Thanks to hazza I was able to learn quick and easy, not only placing bets but forex trading and loads more! The members in the discord are exceptionally helpful and welcoming, creative a sense of unity that’s makes it feel like one big family. Haz picks is a big game changer for anyone looking to improve their financial situation, you won’t regret it ! Remember 1day or day1 !!!
Purchased Hazpicks VIP 23d ago
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2d ago
Haz has helped me alot. Including sports betting and other money related things. He's a smart and hard working individual and can anything done. He is trust worthy and I can 100% guarantee you will make money In this group.
Purchased Hazpicks VIP 1 month ago
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6d ago
this group is one of the best sports betting groups that i have found they made a free account for me and helped me be profitable in legit 1 day they are very helpful if you dont know what your doing and everyone there is just chill no one acts like they are better we are all just people that want to make alot of money
Purchased Hazpicks VIP 9d ago
Does this really work?
Yes it does! Check my instagram page to see succes stories from many other members and just look at my page at all the reviews
Can I be any age?
Yes you can be any age we have a guide for people under 18 (they can do the exact same thing as people over 18) If your reading this message rn you will be able to do this
Does it matter what country I am from?
No not at all! you can be from anywhere in the world and do this
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Sports Picks β€’ General

34 reviews

We teach you how to become rich using your phone and a wifi connection. In HAZ PICKS the goal is to help our members get rich just from there phone. Come join and find out the reviews don't lie!

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