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Lightning Locks

(13 reviews)

Totals Expert

We send out daily free picks straight to your inbox

All Main Sports

Focusing on NFL for this season🏈

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Daily Top 3 Bets
We post our top 1-3 bets for each day so you know which ones are the highest confidence bets
High Volume Plays
We sent out over 40+ picks a day!
NFL Specialty
We've been profitable for the last 3 years making NFL our top season
No Commitment
Your trial has no commitment, you can leave at anytime or join back at any time. The choice is yours.
Customer question & answers
Sign up and not getting access to any picks
Reach out to Whop Support they are suppose to help you get in server!
I needs the picks
They are in the discord!
Signed up and not getting access to any picks this really confusing there has to be a better way I don’t mind spending the money
Can you reach out to support? Should be easy to get in.
Keep getting the run around it’s been 3 day and still haven’t got a bet or a reply yet
Did you reach out to Whop Support?
Customer reviews
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12d ago
Great at what they do
Purchased 12d ago
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13d ago
Purchased 13d ago
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15d ago
Awesome picks!
Purchased 1 month ago
How Much Can I Earn?
Since the last 3 seasons, we've been up 264.34 units
What was the last play that hit?
Dodgers Vs Padres 6-1
Are you covering NFL?
Yes! We post every single day with top picks going out on Sunday We also do MLB, CBB, NBA, CFB, and NHL
About the seller
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Lightning Locks
Sports Picks • NFL

13 reviews

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Lightning Locks is a professional team of sports analysts who have over 25 years of experience in the industry. The Lightning Locks team prides themselves on providing clients and followers with strongest daily selections and information in the industry and also how to maximize profits on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis.  Lightning Locks specializes in MLB, CBB, NBA, CFB, NFL, & NHL.  Some people call us totals experts because we find a way to profit on totals day in and day out.  Been doing this for many years.  If you can handicap the total you can handicap the side.

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