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Lucid Capital

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Advanced Education & Real-Time Analysis of Market Structure/Price.

All inclusive premium membership charged on a monthly basis.

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Live Trading
3x/Week Live Voice Trading 9:30A.M - 11:30A.M
Weekly & Daily Scans
Carefully curated trade ideas and market insights, helping you identify anomalies/market structure with ease.
In-Depth Trade Analysis
Receive detailed breakdowns of trades, focusing on risk/reward, probability, and the "why" behind the trade.
Educational Training Courses
Comprehensive, easy-to-follow courses designed for all skill levels.
AI-Powered Insights
Gain an edge in options trading with our AI-powered analytics, flow analysis and trend predictions through Tradytics.
Real-Time Flow Alerts
Stay ahead with instant notifications of unusual options activities, market shifts, and trading volume spikes.
Exclusive Discord Community
Join our community for valuable discussions, tips, and strategies shared amongst other experienced and beginner traders.
Customer Q&A
Q: With your teachings does a person have to be on computer most of day or can it be done even with a iob
A: It can be done with a side job! It’s always recommended to manage positions and have alerts or stops in place to protect your account. Alerts are a nice mix between swing trading and active day trading, so there’s something for all styles.
Asked on Jun 17, 2023
Q: What level of knowledge should someone have before signing up? Any minimum for amount invested as well?
A: You can have little to no experience! It is recommended to utilize the education section and ask questions as charting + analysis is essential for your own success.
Asked on Feb 23, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(28 reviews)
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3 months ago
If you want to learn trading this is the place to be. I’ve learned so much and there’s so much educational content making it alone worth the price. He also does a great job when he’s live explaining thought process with active trades.
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6 months ago
best monthly subcription i have done in my life! i have been in different discord but Josh is the man
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7 months ago
I have been part of several trading discords. Josh's is hands down the best. Him and his group are extremely knowledgeable and they provide tons of learning resources. Quick to answer questions and give feedback. Give Lucid Capital a try if you are finding other trading discords aren't working for you.
Do you alert your trades?
Anything mentioned is solely for educational purposes and for data to review once market session concludes. Trades mentioned are solely my own and are not intended as financial advice.
What type of trading community is Lucid Capital?
Lucid Capital is an exclusive Discord community dedicated to options trading. We provide real-time options alerts, in-depth market analysis, and comprehensive educational resources. Our community is designed for traders of all experience levels to collaborate, learn, and grow.
How much capital should I start with?
Each individual's acceptable level of risk and ideal amount of capital per transaction varies. It's best to operate within your comfort zone. Paper trading serves as an excellent stepping stone into the realm of options trading. It allows you to venture without jeopardizing real money, providing the freedom to learn from your mistakes without severe consequences.
How many trades do you take?
For me, simplicity reigns supreme. My focus is heavily geared towards trades with substantial risk/reward ratios that have high R-Multiples. Depending on the opportunities the market offers, this might translate to one or two trades per day, or one to three trades per week. We typically concentrate on one or two long-term swings (trades with longer expiration periods), while also capitalizing on intraday trades as they arise from our preparation the previous day. You will never find me forcing a trade that isn't there for a flashy screenshot.
Can I expect to make a ton of money when I join?
To be frank, providing a definitive answer to this question is challenging. Options trading is a complex undertaking. As traders, we all experience peaks and troughs, but managing these ebbs and flows effectively is paramount. It requires disciplined risk management. Making and losing money are both part of the game; this much is nearly certain. However, the truly exceptional traders never relinquish more than their earnings and understand precisely when it's time to step away from the table. Achieving success requires an unquenchable desire for knowledge and progress. It's essential to become skillful at dealing with losses, cultivating grace in victory, and striving to understand the intricacies of the emotional and psychological dynamics involved in trading.
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Lucid Capital
Trading • Technical Analysis

28 reviews

An exclusive Discord community dedicated to the dynamic world of options trading. Our mission is to empower traders by providing real-time options alerts, in-depth market analysis, and comprehensive educational resources. We have created a space where both novice and seasoned traders can collaborate, learn, and grow. We believe that knowledge, transparency, and community are the keys to successful trading. At Lucid Capital, we're more than just a group of traders—we're a family. We strive to maintain an environment where members feel supported and encouraged to engage, question, and share their insights. Our ultimate goal is to see our members thrive and achieve their trading goals.

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