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Mr. AsianLocks

(199 reviews)

Unlock Winning Betting Strategies with Mr.AsianLocks VIP - Expert Sports Picks, Bankroll Builders & Exclusive Research Tools for NBA, NFL, MLB & more!

Welcome to Mr.AsianLocks VIP. The best sports betting discord and we emphasize on building the bankroll to help you grow overtime.This will pass will include all sports such as NBA, NFL, Tennis Hockey, Overseas basketball/baseball!💯 

  • Transperent VIP with live tracker of cappers of losses/wins📊
  • Daily Projections of sports📈
  • Premium chats for each sport🏀🎾⚾🏈
  • Subscribers Secret Giveaways 💰
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Exclusive Discord Access
Transparent VIP tracker with updates of Mr.AsianLocks and the other capper's profit to see who to tail daily
Professional Cappers
Our cappers each specialize in different sports and will give you the best researched pick
Members Community Chat
Join Mr.AsianLocks community with different sports chat and different fans all around the world
Value & Bankroll Picks
Daily value picks with bankroll building emphasis to help BUILD YOUR BANKROLL
Exclusive Giveaways
Giveaways to members include cash prizes or free days to their subscription
Customer Q&A
Q: i want to chat with your makketing manager.
A: yes what would you like to ask
Asked on May 11, 2023
Q: Where can I see your betting history?
A: Hello, All betting history is in VIP under live-tracker with updated daily recaps of each capper.
Asked on Jul 7, 2023
Q: I’m having trouble seeing the VIP plays after an update y’all did last week. Could you help me out? I hit the verify button that allows us to see disc
A: Hello, If you are still having this issue please contact Mr.Asianlocks support page for better assistance and walk through!
Asked on Jun 13, 2023
Q: I purchased a 1 year just after purchasing 1 month. Will I get 13 months? Seems they overlap
A: Yes it will overlap.
Asked on Jul 5, 2023
Q: Hi I got locked out of the discord. None of the cappers threads are showing up or anything. I subscribed for a month and it’s only been 3 days.
A: Hello, If you just had this issue, please go to Mr.Asianlocks support page listed in his twitter bio so that we can better one on one assist you with this issue. Thank you
Asked on Jul 21, 2023
Customer reviews
4.89 out of 5
(199 reviews)
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9 hours ago
Best sports bet discord around . Have been a member for 2 years. Great picks , great customer service , and a great community on discord
User avatar
a day ago
Hey there, I'm thankful that I found this group. Most slips about tennis and KBO chalk. Little less than a week I am here and I go green with those sports thanks to Asianlocks slips. At last, I also like the live NRFI MLB bets.
User avatar
a day ago
Has been on a tennis run!
Are refunds offered?
All sales are final after checkout. There will only be refunds as followed: 1) Billing error 2) purchasing more than 1 pass. Subscribers will not be refunded any amount if they forget to turn off auto-renewal. Auto renewal can be done after purchasing or checking subscriber dashboard to turn off.
Need help cancelling my membership?
Log into Whop.com with your discord accounted. Go to the Whop Hub Page and click on Mr.AsianLocks. Click on manage membership and click cancel membership. You will have access until the end of your billing period.
What is our main focus?
Our main focus is to build your bankroll and help you become successful at betting and become more discipline.
What type of subscriptions passes do you offer?
We offer 4 different subscription passes: These are automatic renewal: $10 Weekly (7 days), $25 Monthly (30 days), $125 Quarterly (6 months), $225 Yearly (12 months)
About the seller
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Mr.AsianLocks VIP
Sports Picks • General

199 reviews

Join the team and learn different ways to bet! Sports Consultants Discord (NBA, NFL, MLB, Tennis, NHL, College Sports, and KBO) Every day there will be straight bets, lotto plays, bankroll builder plays, and will help you manage your bankroll There will be access to research tools such as NBA, NFL, MLB Charts to help you with your research By Completing your purchase to Mr.Asianlock means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, including our cancellation and refund policy. Refund requests are accepted but not guaranteed. "All sales are final"

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