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Provides general access to the FREE section of our Discord server where free plays are occasionally posted.

This does not provide access to premium VIP plays. In order to access the VIP section of the discord, please purchase a weekly, monthly, or annual VIP pass.

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Daily play and parlay recommendations from JB and our team of elite cappers - giving you the insider edge.
Leverage our player prop analysis tools, insights, & trends courtesy of Outlier, Props.cash, & Pine Sports.
Master the art of bankroll management with our expert tips & tricks to help make you a successful sports bettor.
Get ahead of the game with early access to plays & parlays before line movements.
Engage with like-minded bettors in our dedicated sport-by-sport chat rooms.
Customer question & answers
How do I see your picks if I bought your $15 weekly pass? I’m new and don’t know where to go
Please send us a DM @OnlyParlaysVIP on Twitter or contact Whop customer service!
Answered 8 months ago
Hey I subscribed but for some reason it’s not coming up In my discord
Please send us a DM @OnlyParlaysVIP on Twitter or contact Whop customer service!
Answered 8 months ago
I bought the $15/week pass today. Received order confirmation email. Pressed claim discord roles. Logged into discordand says need to verify account?
Please send us a DM @OnlyParlaysVIP on Twitter or contact Whop customer service!
Answered 8 months ago
Hey Team, just signed up for your monthly membership. Got no clue where to see the first pitch bets nor do I use discord. Do they get email to me?
All plays can be found under the “Plays & Analysis” category of the server. For first pitch plays specifically, check out the “Trigrdan” channel. He is our First Pitch expert.
Answered 8 months ago
What betting app or apps do you use?
We use a variety of sportsbooks for our plays to include FanDuel, Draftkings, Bet365, Bovada, and more.
Answered 6 months ago
Customer reviews
4.76 out of 5
(58 reviews)
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2 months ago
paid off multiple loans tailing JBs plays. Rick is money on close to every UFC event. I done changed my entire life because of this discord I am forever riding with them. Tbh idk why anyone wouldn’t join, isn’t it $15 a week?
Purchased Free Community 3 months ago
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3 months ago
JB is the man! He does post a lot of lottos/singles so I would suggest to split bankroll across all plays as he has tendency to hit af least 1 every few days. Why you still reading this? Go buy!
Purchased Monthly VIP Pass 4 months ago
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3 months ago
On the money with the picks
Purchased Weekly VIP Pass 4 months ago
What is included with my purchase?
Exclusive access to the OnlyParlays VIP Discord server and our team of elite cappers.
What are my payment options?
We accept all major debit/credit cards.
How do I manage my membership?
Members can manage their membership within their Whop Hub.
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Sports Picks • General

58 reviews

An exclusive community that provides you with the tools and knowledge to gain an edge over the books. By joining this community, you acknowledge that any and all information provided is for entertainment purposes ONLY and to be used at your own risk. Completing your purchase means you have read and agree to OnlyParlays LLC terms and conditions. All passes automatically renew and can be canceled at any time. All sales are final. 

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