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Platinum Trading

(8 reviews)

Your Path To Profitable Trading

Learning how to trade is a very difficult journey. That's why we built Platinum Trading to make that journey 100x easier.

Here's some of our features πŸ‘‡

  • Live entry & exit signals DAILY from professional traders
  • Live & recorded lessons
  • A-Z trading notes
  • Live trading chatroom
  • Live Flow Data ( Valued at $80 a month, free for members!)
  • & much more!
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Live Trade Alerts
Receive Live Trade Alerts from over 7+ professional traders in stocks, options, and futures EVERY SINGLE DAY!
LIVE Voice Trading
Receive Live Trading Alerts through voice chat where the staff walks you through the trades right as they happen!
Professional Education
Learn how to trade with over 35+ hours of educational videos, notes, and 1-on-1 live help of the team!
Trading Chatroom
Talk to the team & other members 24/7 about anything including trade ideas and additional help!
Live Flow Data
Receive LIVE Flow Data valued at over $80+ a month, included FREE as a member of Platinum Trading!
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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12 days ago
Overall great experience, any questions I have the owner answers whether if thats questions about setups, sizing, entry. Instead of just giving the answer he's very helpful in teaching people how to do it themselves setting them up for the future. Highly recommend to anyone trying to learn.
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17 days ago
The BEST discord for traders. Does not matter if you have experience or not, you will learn from the best here. I was extremely happy already with everything in it, education and analysts. Education: There is an education section and nitro goes over all of his strategies and guides. He’s also very open to DMs and is always responding to everyone. UNLIKE many other discords. Which makes Platinum Trading even better. Analyst: There is analyst for options day trades, swing trades, equities, scalp trades, and futures. The analyst are profitable and reliable. But what I’m here mainly for is Nitro. He is literally the best trader no kizzy. 1. He knows how to manage risk on his trades 2. He doesn’t over trade, 1-2 trades max per day 3. He also does live trading with screen share on Nitro doesn’t just send out his profitable trade alerts, he also does recaps on the trades, he wants you to be profitable and wants you to be a good trader. By far the #1 paid service, and the ONLY one that you need to make money from trading. Thanks to Nitro and his team of analyst. I was able to pay off my medical bills πŸ™
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17 days ago
Best server, nitro trades the best options and equities trader I ever seen, Very responsive also , very good learning videos in the server
About the seller
Platinum Trading
Trading β€’ Stocks

8 reviews

Platinum Trading is a group of professional traders who's main goal is to educate traders on the A-Z of trading. The server includes live entry & exit alerts from professional stock, options, and futures traders. There is also a chatroom and live/recorded lessons for new and pro traders alike to learn and share ideas.

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