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Profit Consciousness

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An exclusive group experiencing the benefits of being profit conscious.

Becoming Profit Conscious: Unleashing Gold Market Mastery

Learn how @alex.ajna has been running a profitable signal room for the past 2 years. Take in the 4 years worth of knowledge of her daytrading journey simplified in a course.

What's Included?

  • 4 important strategy points that separate the pros from the rest
  • How Alexandra enters multiple positions & secures profit
  • How she prepares & plots before a trading session and sending a signal
  • A Trading Psychology Book she wrote to help with trading emotions & decision making
  • HD Quality Videos each 20-30 minutes long
  • Beginners course add-on option
  • Subtitles

As a special bonus, when you enroll in "Becoming Profit Conscious, you'll have 1 FREE month access to the Signal Room. Access real-time market insights, expert analysis, and high risk to reward trading signals that can help you make informed decisions and maximize your profits!

Indulge in the benefits of being profitable daytrading one of the top markets in the world, Gold XAU\USD, by diving into the knowledge of "Becomg Profit Conscious"; where precision meets profit under the expert guidance of Alexandra known as "alex.ajna.". Dive into a realm of consistent gains and strategic wins, tailored for traders striving for success.

Led by Alexandra, a precise trader with a track record of running a lucrative succesful signal room for 2 years and daytrading for 4.5 years. This course is your ticket to mastering the art of gold trading. Discover Alexandra's pinpoint strategies and execute trades with confidence to amplify your profits while minimizing risks.

Join the ranks of savvy traders who've transformed their trading game with "Profit Consciousness." Don't miss out on this golden opportunity.Join the Waitlist and embark on your journey to gold market mastery!

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Online course

Becoming Profit Conscious: Unleashing Gold Market Mastery

VIP Discord Access
30-100pips signals on Gold XAU/USD and Video Analysis of expected trades beforehand!
Trade Analysis
Receive analysis of expected rejection price levels to take trades off of all trade sessions
Opportunity for ALL traders
Scalpers, Daytraders, and Swing traders benefit from 4 TPs in this exclusive group. TP1 starting at 30pips & TP4 100pips
Trade Breakdowns
Receive video trade breakdowns on how a trade was sent and entered from the signals!
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4.75 out of 5
(32 reviews)
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12d ago
Made $3K within 10 days. She trades with a 30 point stop loss, winners go for around 100 pips which is TP 4. Shes the real deal.
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15d ago
Made my money back and more in 1 day. The signals are on time, the updates are clear and the video analysis helps a ton.
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2 months ago
I really like her ( Alex ) trades. They way she trades is very precise. I would definitely like to stay on with her to see more and do a full review. I would say it’s kinda beginner friendly. But trading isn’t for the weak. I have been with two platforms and 4 years on and off. Takes time to understand clearly in full scope. She definitely does and I appreciate her a lot. Her trade room price is more than fair too and reasonable.
What is the difference between the Mastery Vault and Signals?
All descriptions are explained in each product. Subscriptions to signals is for ONLY signals. The Mastery Vault is for full access to all features including unlimited signals, video series of xau/usd strategy, a trading psych book, trade breakdowns to the signals, and 1on1 chat support with me!
Is this beginner friendly?
Profit Consciousness is not for beginners with zero knowledge on how trading works, as trading terminology is said frequently. User must also understand how to use a trading platform.
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Profit Consciousness Gold Trading Room
Trading • Technical Analysis

32 reviews

4 years XAU/USD Gold daytrader. Instagram: alex.ajna

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