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(4 reviews)

Your Ultimate Trading Hub: Education and Prop Funding All in One Place

📚 Free introduction to forex trading course

🎓 Covers all essential topics from scratch

🎥 Includes 22 educational videos

🕰️ Learn at your own pace

💡 Chance to explore your trading suitability

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Forex Basics Course

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Online Education Programme
Dive into our range of forex courses, from beginner basics to advanced strategies.
Trade Ideas
Our highly accurate trade ideas delivered to you directly from our educators and market scanning indicators!
Cutting Edge Indicators
The Dean Group gives you unique access to TradingView indicators that scan the markets with precision, saving you time!
Live Trading
Tune in to our live trading sessions where our educators share their trades, and feel free to ask questions as a member.
Weekly Education Sessions
Join us for weekly education sessions packed with valuable insights and strategies.
Get Additional Support
Request a private 1-on-1 session whenever you need additional support.
Amazing Community
Be part of our motivating community, where traders support and inspire each other to reach their goals.
Stay Informed
Stay updated with daily blogs, covering the latest hot topics, and our currency strength reports via Discord.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(4 reviews)
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1 month ago
Relentless has given me a true understanding of Forex and trading. The education is above my expectation. The team are human's not Bots, which means they open honest and accountable. Being traders themselves they understand and pass on their knowledge of the markets. I came out of retirement to earn extra income. Yet Relentless have given me more.. you could say it has awakened the sleeping giant within me to show me what is possible at any age. With the right right team.. Relentless Team, their education, tools and community I feel in safe hands taking this journey and thoroughly enjoying it.x
User avatar
1 month ago
Can't recommend this company enough. I have just completed the free basics course. It was very easy to follow whilst being informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and the educators were very relatable and made the process seem easy. I am now looking to expand my learning and get a paid membership so I can access the advanced courses and the Indicators that I have heard so much about. Loving seeing members in this community thrive and I want a piece of the action!!
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1 month ago
For a free course on trading this was fantastic and just what a beginner like myself needed. The thing i liked best was that although it was comprehensive, it was done in manageable bite size chunks so it was easy for me to digest the information. Anything i found a little harder i was able to re watch. I was able to do the course at my own pace and the educators made everything easy to understand. Great foundation for me to go on and expand my knowledge now with all the other courses they offer. Highly recommend this company. 5 stars!
Why should I choose Relentless?
We're a UK registered company dedicated to transparency, honesty, and your success.
Can beginners join Relentless?
Yes, whether you're new to trading or experienced, our courses and indicators are tailored for everyone.
Do you teach trading beyond forex?
Our strategies apply to all asset classes, from forex and stocks to indices and cryptocurrencies.
What is The Dean Group?
This is our exclusive offering, integrating custom strategies and indicators unavailable elsewhere.
Can I get access to funded accounts with Relentless?
Yes, Relentless offers prop funding accounts starting at $85 for a $10k account.
About the seller
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Trading • Forex

4 reviews

Relentless is your premium destination for forex education and prop firm funding. We offer market scanning tools, live trading, multiple trading strategies to suit all and a vibrant community to support your trading journey.

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