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Ritesh Verma

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Master the SAT in under 15 hours.

The SAT Math Crash Course delivers 5+ hours of pure SAT Math content, including tips, tricks, patterns, and strategies that can be used to solve any SAT Math problem extremely quickly and accurately. The techniques taught in this course will help any student be very comfortable with the math section, and the bonus videos will teach the student how to mentally prepare for the exam.


Learn all of my math hacks to be able to complete the SAT Math portion in 5 minutes just like in my most viral Youtube video! Learn all of the patterns, formulas, tricks, etc. that you will need in just 6 hours!

  • Self-paced instruction in an easy to follow video format
  • Thorough breakdown of SAT Math Tricks and how to use them
  • Development of SAT Math "mindset" to recognize patterns quickly
  • Live breakdown of SAT Math problems by Ritesh
  • Showcase of various SAT Math solving techniques to improve speed and accuracy
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SAT Math - Crash Course To A Perfect Score

Patterns, Tricks & Hacks
All courses contain all of the patterns, tricks, hacks, and more that you need to get a perfect SAT score!
Interactive Study Tools
Interactive content such as quizzes, practice tests, and video lessons, in a module-curriculum format.
SAT Mastery in 15 hours
Master a SAT section in under 7 hours with one course AND master both SAT sections in under 15 hours with the bundle.
Customer Q&A
Q: Is buying your math course for $160 worth it?Again, am i able to use ONLY this book to score a 800 on the AUGUST SAT? I am yet to study for the exam.
A: The average cost for a good SAT Math tutor is $60/hr. So after 3 hours you will have paid $180. This course teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know for math in 6 hours for only $160, which means over 6 hours you are saving $200 and getting more! You tell me 😊 .
Asked on Jul 24, 2023
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5 out of 5
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10 months ago
Great tips, I would recommend to anyone aiming for a high SAT score!
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10 months ago
it was a good course
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1 year ago
very helpful and straightforward, very easy and simple to learn everything
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Ritesh Verma
Students • Test Prep

8 reviews

My name is Ritesh Verma and I am a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park as well as the owner of Slyte LLC.. With this website I hope to showcase my versatile nature and developments in fields/industries that I am involved in. As a computer science major, I love tech and creating programs to facilitate mundane tasks and make lives easier. I also aspire to educate those who follow me via YouTube, Skillshare, or other social media platforms. I have been a tutor for SAT, computer science, math, etc. for the last 3 years and have been able to help a multitude of students further their skills in their respective academic subject.

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