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Ultimate Scholarship Guide

(28 reviews)

For students who want to earn scholarships based on their merit (academics, awards, achievements).

You've selected the paid/masterclass version of my scholarship guide.


  • Rishab Jain's Scholarship Planning Template File
  • 10-minute masterclass on finessing scholarship interviews
  • 20-minute video about my experience (and application tips) with the Coca-Cola Scholarship (0.16% acceptance) and how you can win too!
  • 4-minute video with tricks for writing essays
  • 90+ manually vouched scholarship list
  • 50+ STEM competitions and awards to apply for

Hey everyone, my name's Rishab and I'm an incoming freshman at Harvard College, and I recently made my decision among Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Duke, and BU (with a trustee scholarship of ~$240K).

I just went through a year of applying to merit-based scholarships, and for the last four years, I've been assembling my own guides, tips, and lists for winning. They started out as a bullet point list in my notes app, and evolved into spreadsheets, PDFs, and templates. There are a TON of guides online for financial aid & federal loans/grants. But, I wanted to win merit-based scholarships. I've spent a LOT of time assembling this guide, and I think it's really useful, especially for talented students.

I've won some of the most merit-based competitive scholarships like the Coca-Cola Scholarship $20K (<0.16%), the National Merit Scholarship (0.09%), Regeneron Young Scientist Award $50K (<0.1%).

I've managed to secure over $120,000 in merit-based college scholarships that I can use at Harvard. I'm deeply grateful to have support for my education. I've also won ~$600K in tuition to other schools (from merit scholarships).

I genuinely think this guide will change your situation with scholarships. Seriously. That's how confident I am in it.

The Problem:

A lot of "scholarships" are scams/not worth your time. I only apply to scholarships that are merit-based and are not left up to chance. Have you ever seen the suspicious scholarships on "Niche" / "Scholarship Owl" "Bold" etc.? Yeah, let's look for more reputable organizations...

There are a TON of guides online for financial aid & federal loans/grants. Where's the stuff for high achieving students who want to win merit-based awards?

This is where this guide comes in. I've talked to friends who have won hundreds of thousands in scholarships + combined my own personal experience to make this guide. Want to learn more about my experience before you buy? Look here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rishab-jain-k/.

There is no guide like this online. Based on this guide, if you win just one scholarship (and you'll probably win more tbh) you'd make your investment back easily. Also, once you purchase this, you'll be more motivated to apply to scholarships (and make your investment back). It's a win-win. All the funds earned from this will be used to grow my YouTube channel/business, so you're supporting another student at the end of the day, too.

The earlier you start, the better. Start today with my help.

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Basic Scholarship Guide

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Private List of 90+ Vouched Scholarships, Private List 50+ STEM Competitions, Scholarship Planning Template

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Online course

How to Win Scholarships Guide

(Basic) Planning Template
Want to stay motivated for applying to so many scholarships? Trust me, this is the template to do that.
(Masterclass) Vouched List
A lot of low-quality scholarships exist. This vouched list of 90+ shows you the highest yield scholarships.
(Masterclass) Finessing Essays
There are tricks to finesse scholarship essays to have a higher chance of winning. Join Rishab for a 4-minute guide.
(Masterclass) Interviews
Join two T10 admits for an absolute masterclass on finessing scholarship interviews.
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Customer reviews
4.96 out of 5
(28 reviews)
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3 months ago
Rishab, you're a chad, nice free content.
Purchased Basic 4 months ago
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4 months ago
It helps a ton
Purchased Basic 4 months ago
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4 months ago
What I'm really appreciative of is his goal to make common study materials to be free, which is great for allowing more access to educational materials for people from all backgrounds. Also, I'm quite impressed with what he has done so far, and at such a young age as well. Quite a capable person!
Purchased Basic 4 months ago
How do you know this works?
472 students (as of July 6th, 2023) have purchased the masterclass version of this guide already. I've received so many positive emails. Emails from so many students saying they won a scholarship with this guide. It works. Trust the process.
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Rishab Jain
Students • Other

28 reviews

Harvard '27. YouTube Video Creator. One of 'TIME's 25 Most Influential Teens', and a co-founder of the Samyak Science Society. Keen to destroy college consulting scam prep companies by making authentic content. Support my mission. Contact: business@samyakscience.com

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