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Simplified Trading

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Our goal is to create profitable and independent traders

Full access to the Discord which includes:

-Live Trading✅
-DAILY Futures/Forex/Options Callouts✅
-Full Strategy Teaching✅
-Beginner Friendly✅

My only goal is to make you a better trader. If you are serious about changing your life, hop in

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All Access

Live Trading / Callouts
Within all access you will be have access to our daily live streams and callouts from our analysts
Our main goal is to make you a better trader, so we focus on teaching you everything you need to become the best trader
Community of Traders
Any question you have is answered by our great community of experienced traders
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4.67 out of 5
(12 reviews)
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deleted user#6407
6 months ago
The Simplified Trading Discord community has been a game-changer for my trading journey. The staff is super helpful and knowledgeable, making learning about trading a breeze. They host webinars and share useful resources that have really improved my understanding of the markets. What I love most is the friendly community vibe. Everyone is eager to help and share their trading tips and ideas. The real-time updates and trade alerts keep me in the loop about market changes. It's more than just a trading server; it's like a supportive family for traders. If you're looking to learn and grow in a friendly environment, Simplified Trading is the place to be. 5/5 stars!
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7 months ago
User avatar
7 months ago
The staff and analysts are always available to answer any questions, and the in depth educational section of the server has greatly enhanced my understanding of trading.
How does Simplified Trading work?
Once you are in All Access, you get access to everything you need to get started and become an expert in the market. Things such as what brokerage app to use, what exactly we trade, how we trade it, how it all works, and much more is included.
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Kris Trades
Trading • General

12 reviews

Trader for 5+ years $750,000 Funded Trader

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