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SportsVault AU

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This is where the benefits of both the sport and racing services we have at SportsVault are combined into one ultimate package (at a lower cost). The best of the best, particularly in terms of the results achieved here. Whether you're starting as a complete beginner, or you're a well-versed matched bettor, this is the ultimate opportunity in the entire industry to maximise profits, enhance your operation, secure your accounts for life, and join the very small minority of incredibly high level matched bettors. If you're looking to take matched betting seriously, look no further...


ALL Elite + Racing, systems, educational material and discord channels

Exclusive Master material and documents

Entire player market analysis and value cheat sheets (NRL+NFL)

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Mathematical Approach
Sick of "expert" opinions? We take a purely mathematical and calculated +EV approach that is PROVEN to work long term.
Proven Methods
At SportsVault, we don't rely on luck. We boast a 74% win rate WEEKLY and average +79U MONTHLY.
Account Sustainability
We provide extensive advanced educational material to ensure you NEVER get banned AND receive extra bonuses regularly.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(4 reviews)
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24d ago
I have tried a number of “tipping services” and this is by far the best one! Extremely transparent where you aren’t left wondering what’s going on. Great advice and guidance to get started and build a bankroll. The strategies and tips are profitable on $5-$10 units so value for money is unreal. Amazing community where you can ask for advice as we are all in to win! 100% recommend.
Purchased Master Access (Racing + Sport) 25d ago
User avatar
1 month ago
Sports vault has been one of the best things that happened to me, found them on tiktok and was interested in what they do, decided to take the risk. at first i was sceptical and was down about 5U but decided to trust in it and have never looked back since. since then the service has gotten more and more profitable, with upgrades to the service and the community, the boys in here are so chill and is good to have a mugg with after big winning days. Join the team and stick to it and you’ll see results.
Purchased Elite Access (Sport) 1 month ago
User avatar
1 month ago
Great community and the systems are improving and becoming even more successful every month. I've been with sportsvault since 20th November. I'm a member of the weekend Racing and Elite sport. Started with $500 bank and $5 units to try it out. Now up to $1900 and $10 units. NFL was amazing, NBA is gaining momentum all the time. Racing is next level, and even a bad day, the damage is minimal and upside is great. One of the great things is you can start with a small amount of capital and use bookie deposit matches to boost your bank so its risk free money. The most important thing I found is to not get down on a bad day, stake your unit sizes accordingly, track your bets, be disciplined and look at the big picture. With the NRL coming up in a month the upside is looking extremely positive this year and really happy to be part of it.
Purchased Elite Access (Sport) 1 month ago
What is matched betting?
Matched betting involves the use of various promotions, offers and specials to ensure a risk-free profit, such as converting bonus bets into real withdrawable cash. Bookies advertise these offers in an attempt to entice new customers (degenerate gamblers) to place bets with them, in the hopes that they will continue gambling and lose a lot of money. We are able to take advantage of these promotions while incurring zero risk, and its a great way to build a bankroll without taking on any risk.
What is positive EV betting?
Positive expected value betting is (put very simply) betting with an edge, and it's by far the most profitable strategy in the long term. We calculate the implied fair odds of any market with incredibly sharp accuracy, then find a bookie offering higher odds than the fair odds, giving us the statistical advantage. This means the unlike typical gambling in which the more you bet the more you lose, this strategy only gets more profitable with the more bets you place. This strategy does incur risk in the short term, we obviously can't win every bet, so it's important that we size our bets accordingly. However, due to the law of large numbers (google this), the more bets we place, the more luck fades as a factor entirely from our results.
What if I don't make a profit?
If you sign up to Elite or Racing and we don't end on a profit for that month, we'll refund your entire subscription AND send you $500 for wasting your time! With so much bonus cash up for grabs, and such powerful systems in both of these services, it's practically impossible to lose. So we're putting our money where our mouth is.
Why is SportsVault AU different?
Despite the obvious fact that we have a mathematical approach to betting unlike most tipping services who rely on the "expert" opinions of their owners (sigh), the most important difference is something that most bettors don't even know exist. Affiliate tipsters. These services will sneakily give you hidden affiliate links to secure a commission on every bet you place (which is boosted on losses). How's that for a conflict of interest? We will NEVER have any kind of affiliate links for anyone. Another vital difference is that we are one of the few services in which it's owners actually put their money on the bets they send out. WE ONLY MAKE MONEY IF YOU DO.
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Sports Vault AU
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

4 reviews

Consistently profitable betting service. Mathematically proven approach, NOT "expert" opinions... 2,000+ MEMBERS 2023 PROFIT: 793.72U AVERAGE MONTHLY PROFIT: 79.37U WINNING WEEKS: 74% **AUSTRALIA + NEW ZEALAND ONLY**

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