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Tactical Traders

(143 reviews)

#1 ICT Trading Community that Streams Everyday

Welcome to Tactical Traders.

Live trading futures during NYSE open Monday through Friday with DJ! As well as help from Justin!

Our goal is to build self sufficient traders that will one day be able to trade for themselves. I want everyone to develop and maintain a skill that you can be used for years to come.

We truly care about the success of every one of our members. Together we will strive for success.

This membership includes access to the Tactical Traders community, more information is posted below. The subscription is non-refundable and you can cancel at anytime. Justin no longer live trades or does charting sessions in this discord. He is active in the chat and will answer questions!

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DJ LIVE trades every day + signals.
Uplifting Trading Community
Active & positive trading community where trade ideas are posted, questions are answered, and connections are made.
Experienced Traders
Get connected and learn from well-adversed and experienced traders.
Charting Sessions
Charting sessions throughout the week where DJ reviews the days action and answers any questions/trades that you have.
24/7 Ticket System
Ticket system to ask analysts any questions you have on trading.
Customer Q&A
Q: If you purchase the monthly subscription in the middle of the month does it renew 1 month from that date or the 1st of each month?
A: It renews a month after the day you bought it
Asked on Jul 18, 2023
Customer reviews
4.45 out of 5
(143 reviews)
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17d ago
Have been apart of this community since early 2023. I can honestly say it is the best decision i've made in my trading journey. if not for the for the help from Dj, Justin, Dave and countless others in group my trading journey more than likely would have ended before it truly began. By far the best community i've been apart of.
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17d ago
This Discord is a Life Changer... I started ICT since early February, I didnt knew what a FVG was or DoL. But my genuine mentors Justin and DJ are truly one of the best, if not the best, these guys gave me so much knowledge and changed my view on looking into the market. I can finally say that i´ve become profitable in not even 4 months of dedication, learning and hard work ofc, but these 2 are the best mentors u can have in this space. DJ and Justin are the best People the World of Trading ICT can wish for.
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17d ago
After 6 years of trying different strategies and trying to figure out how to trade I’m so glad I found this group and @EliteHeyDJ. His teaching is unreal and he is one of the best traders I came across over the years. You not only learn how to become a profitable and patient trader but also most important you'll develop your own trading style. I’m so grateful for what DJ is doing for this group day in and day out. I finally have a plan and strategy to follow and execute with confidence. Still lots to learn and improve (especially emotions). First funded account locked in 😃 This group is a team of Allstars!
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Tactical Traders
Trading • General

143 reviews

An Educational Based Live Trading Community Focused On Building Self Sufficiant Traders!

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