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One-time fee, lifetime of alerts!

The most accurate stock alerts.

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Daily Live Trading Sessions
Real-time execution of trades, enabling you to actively participate in the market and create profitable strategies.
Day & Swing Trade Alerts
High probability alerts with due diligence, profit target and stop loss plans. After Actions posted for all trades made.
Coaching & Mentoring
24/7 around the clock coaching and mentoring available for any trading insights or analysis needed.
Trading Education
Learn effective risk management techniques and develop profitable trading strategies, over 150 eBooks available.
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4.95 out of 5
(41 reviews)
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4d ago
I have used several types of signal companies over the years. These guys are by far the best! If you are interested in gaining knowledge and understanding every trade this is a great service. I highly recommend them!
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11d ago
Really great group! Very detailed trades with entry and exit points. Very strict trading too, so you’re not just jumping in random trades and hoping to catch the ride. For a one time $100, this is worth every penny!
24d ago
I've been a member for a month now, and can confidently say it's been one of the best investments I've made in myself. The insights and strategies shared here are on par with a college-level course in trading. What sets Aaron's community apart is the emphasis on patience, consistency, and teaching vs. finding bangers, making gains, and posting about it on social media. Making trades with your hard-earned money can be nerve-wracking, but Aaron and the team emphasize making data-driven decisions, helping mitigate the emotional nature of trading. In turn this helps us avoid the common pitfalls of over-trading, chasing trades or a sense of FOMO. This perspective shift has been life-changing for me. It has not only significantly improved my returns but also given me a healthier perspective on trading. If you're serious about improving your trading skills and developing a healthy trading mindset, join this discord.
Why do you charge for the services?
The implementation of a payment wall serves as a critical mechanism to distinguish and nurture the most dedicated traders. It's not about excluding anyone, but rather about creating an environment where serious individuals are given the attention and resources they deserve. This payment requirement acts as a filter to sift out the committed from the uncommitted, as it shows who is willing to invest not just their money but also their dedication and commitment to their trading journey. By focusing on those who have made this commitment, we can allocate our energy and expertise more effectively, ensuring that those who are truly deserving of our guidance receive the attention and mentorship needed to become profitable traders. This creates a supportive community where everyone is driven to excel and grow, ultimately benefiting all members and reinforcing our commitment to trading success.
When are the live trading sessions?
Our daily live trading sessions are designed to kick off your trading day with precision and strategy. Beginning promptly at 9:20 AM EST each morning, we dedicate the initial 10 minutes before the market opens to provide you with a comprehensive game plan. During this briefing period, you'll gain access to insightful analysis, prospective entry and profit targets, and coaching and mentoring. This structured approach ensures that you're ready to navigate the market's opening moments with confidence and a clear sense of direction. We believe that a strong start is the key to a successful trading day, and our live sessions are tailored to deliver just that.
What if I can't attend the live trading sessions?
We understand that sometimes it's not possible to attend our live trading sessions due to various commitments. However, we've got you covered. Even if you can't make it in real-time, you won't miss out on valuable insights and lessons. We keep you in the loop by sending updates directly from our team's trading floor, ensuring you stay informed about any key developments. Furthermore, we diligently post daily after-action reports, summarizing all the topics covered during the live session. This means that you can always track and review the lessons learned, keeping your trading knowledge up-to-date. Additionally, for the benefit of our teammates who can't attend, we provide snippets of the live sessions, giving you the opportunity to catch up on the highlights and stay connected with the team's activities. Your growth as a trader is our priority, regardless of your availability during live sessions.
What type of alerts are provided?
Within our trading community, we offer both day trade and swing trade alerts to cater to diverse trading preferences and strategies. When we send out these alerts, we provide comprehensive criteria to guide your decisions. This includes precise entry targets, profit targets, recommendations for position scaling to manage risk effectively, and detailed risk plans to protect your capital. Our goal is to equip you with all the essential information needed to make informed trading decisions, whether you're looking for short-term day trades or longer-term swing trading opportunities. With these criteria, you will have the confidence to create a well-defined plan of action.
How many alerts are posted each day?
We prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to alerts. We want our members to understand that the number of alerts provided each day can vary significantly. We firmly believe that trading success is not determined by the volume of actions taken, but rather by the quality of the setups we identify. Some trading days may be marked by a high tempo with numerous opportunities, while others may be more subdued. What remains consistent is our commitment to identifying and sharing the most promising setups that align with our trading strategies. Profitability is our ultimate goal, and we know that it's the precision and reliability of our trades that matter most, not the sheer quantity of alerts.
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Team Bullish Trading
Trading • Stocks

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In the vast landscape of trading communities, numerous Discord channels offer a platform for day traders. Team Bullish distinguishes itself from the crowd through its core principle of absolute transparency. Unlike many others, Team Bullish openly shares the details of trades, providing a clear and honest view of our strategies and outcomes. Our transparency is coupled with an absolute commitment to your education and development. Team Bullish doesn't just focus on the 'what' of trading. We emphasize the 'how' and 'why,' ensuring that you are not only following trades but also understanding the underlying principles. With a strong emphasis on equipping traders with the necessary tools and disciplines, we aim to nurture traders who are not only active but also informed and profitable in the long run.

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