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The Pulse Index

(1 review)

The Pulse Index gives you access to everything WebTrend has to offer, this includes "WebTrend Discord Access" and our "WebTrend 2.0 Indicator Package"

Here are all the TradingView scripts we offer for new and pro traders.

This includes

  • WebTrend 1.0
  • 9+ Indicator Scripts
  • Full Setup + Tutorial Videos

(This setup only includes 1/3 of our free value)

If you are looking for our free email newsletter and indicators, go through our website at webtrendco.com

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Online course

Indicator Tutorial + Setup

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10 Free Indicators

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Affiliate Links

Access to Affiliate Program

WebTrend 2.0
Access to our most powerful TradingView indicator
Access to full WebTrend community
Discord & Telegram
Access to Discord and Telegram
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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2 months ago
This product is amazing for anybody looking to study charts. Instead of normal green and red candles, this indicator package visualizes things in a way that helps you better understand trend. study the past using this indicator package and you will see how it helps you better understand what's going on in the present. I recommend this to anyone, it's insanely useful. buy in the red, sell in the green.
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3 months ago
I have seen this project from start and I will stick with it as long as it's around web trend offers the most useful indicators and insight into traidng and signals. I have back tested my trading strategy before and had an initial increase of 83.67% pnl after 12 weekand now back testing 172.23% my initial pnl before web trend. The indicators are unique and extremely well though out. The founders are great people that seem to truly enjoy their community and helping traders discipline and better themselves.
Market Realist Pledge (Anti-Guarantee)
No guarantees—market outcomes are unpredictable. Due to the nature of our industry, we can't provide risk-free products.
How many Indicators do I get for free?
You will get access to 10 of our TradingView indicators. The only indicator we make users pay for is WebTrend 2.0
What is the best thing about WebTrend?
We pride ourselves in helping traders all across the world. Giving real value to traders so they get the most out of the tools we provide.
About the seller
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Trading • General

2 reviews

WebTrend is an analytics company that specializes in market speculation, technical analysis tools, and community.

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