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Round Table Trading

(22 reviews)

The ultimate community for new & struggling traders in the SMC scene! ๐Ÿš€

The new SMC community is now OPEN! ๐ŸŽ‰

The FIRST 100 members will receive:

  • Few exclusive classes
  • Discount on future merch
  • Special role icon
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Online course

Options Course, Futures Course, Funded Accounts, Beginners Course, Trader Development Sessions, Backtesting Webinars, The Framework, Journaling Sessions, Weekly Outlook, Weekly Recaps

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IRL Events

In Person Bootcamps & Meet-ups
We plan to host in person events to teach LIVE in front of you, and gather the community for a friendly meetup!
Smart Money Framework
We provide our students with a clear path to follow to grow in your trading journey, shortening your learning curve!
Live Trading
Our team hosts live trading every day the market is open! Allowing you to learn how to analyze the markets live!
Trading Courses
We provide our traders with multiple courses covering smart money frameworks & both basic & advanced material
Live Classes
We host a live class every weekday and every Sunday. Expanding several topics, all recorded!
Customer Q&A
Q: Will this include Forex as well?
A: Yes, our team trades & teaches both forex and futures!
Asked on Apr 19, 2024
Q: Do will learn ICT Concepts
A: Yes, we all use ict concepts!
Asked on May 13, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(22 reviews)
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18d ago
The Round Table is the best place to learn the exact model that 100% fits my personality. I can deeply resonate with how Matt and Rauf trade. It's exactly the type of trading style that I wanted to master. Also, Nick is the perfect guy to help traders who are in the futures space. I am not into futures, but given the fact that this team is built for both forex and futures, I will definitely consider learning from all of these three gentlemen. This team is indeed a blast! If you are a hybrid day trader / short-term trader type, this is the group that I find the most helpful and straightforward. I can't thank, Rauf, Matt, and Nick enough for building this group!
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18d ago
Iโ€™ve been to a few discord based around ICT traders but always went back to $niper. If youโ€™re not learning from them, youโ€™re missing out. Especially with Rauf and Nick on board now. Seasoned traders that do this for a living. Thatโ€™s what you want to look for! ICT concepts simplified, from bias to entry models. Everything just clicked when I applied their teachings. Iโ€™ve been seeing consistency and improvements in my trading and will be working towards passing a funded account now.
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18d ago
Finally I found a trading community with real people having real edges in the markets and making real money. Nick, Rauf and Sniper are just on a other level of mentoring. Their knowledge is incredible and the way they help you to implement simple and effective views on price is unmatched. Thankful that I can be a part of this!
Is this community good for beginners?
Yes of course! We provide our students with all the material necessary to get started trading if you're completely new!
What is the main focus of the community?
We focus on futures & forex trading through livestreams, pre-made resources, trading alerts + analysis and IRL bootcamps
Who are the head traders of the community?
Our team of 3: Matt, Nick, and Rauf are the ones behind live trading, signals, and the educational program.
What is your refund policy?
We follow a strict no-refund policy. Except when required by law, paid subscription fees are non-refundable.
About the seller
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The Round Table
Trading โ€ข Technical Analysis

22 reviews

The Round Table is a private trading community focused on smart money concepts. Led by some of the top SMC traders in the space: Matt (Sniper), Nick (Nickdoesfutures), & Rauf (Day Trading Rauf)! Our goal is to fill the void the smart money space has, a valuable trading community focused on SMC providing their traders with a clear framework to follow to reach consistent profitability!

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